Because there’s nothing better than the cool side of the pillow.

By Chelsey Hamilton
Updated April 20, 2021
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Whether it's due to a medical condition, aging, or humid temperatures, no one likes waking up with a sweaty head (read: wet hair slicked to your forehead). Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also negatively impact the quality of your sleep by causing you to wake up multiple times throughout the night. And while nights sweats are a fairly common problem—and can be a normal side effect of growing older or taking certain medications—that doesn't make them any less annoying. So what can you do to stop them?

First, make sure the atmosphere in your bedroom is as close as possible to the ideal temperature for sleeping—which, according to the National Sleep Foundation, is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. But whether you're sleeping in a stuffy room with little ventilation, don't have access to air conditioning, or live in an extra hot climate, it's not always possible to perfectly customize the temperature around you. Plus, many people who struggle with night sweats find that their body temperature stays super warm no matter how cold the air in the room around them is—in other words, it has nothing to do with the time of year. In this case, your next move is to find the right bedding to keep you as cool as possible throughout the night.

Many people assume they should find a pillow that stays cold, but due to the fabric makeup, price, and size of pillows, an easier solution is to invest in a cooling pillowcase instead. This way, you can simply slip it onto any pillow and enjoy the cooling benefits without buying a whole new pillow. It's also much easier to throw a pillowcase into a suitcase, so you can use it every night no matter where you are.

Since cooling pillowcases aren't as widely used as other types of temperature-controlled bedding, we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the top cooling pillowcases you can buy online. The best part? They all come highly recommended by shoppers who've tried them out, so you can trust that they'll actually work.

Here are the 10 best cooling pillowcases, according to customer reviews:

After you make your selection, pair it with a lightweight comforter and a set of cooling bed sheets that are perfect for hot sleepers, and you’ll have everything you need to face the unwanted heat. Keep reading to learn more about the best options that can combat night sweats (no matter the season) and help you get the restful night’s sleep your body needs.

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Cooling Warm Double-Side Design Pillow Cover with Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fiber

1 Best on Amazon: Luxear Cooling Pillowcases


If you want a cooling pillowcase for the warmer months—but aren’t sure if you’ll use it year-round—this double-sided pillowcase from Luxear is a great choice because it offers the best of both worlds. One side is made with signature cooling fabric that’ll feel cool and silky to the touch, and the other uses soft cotton fabric for a warmer feel. Whichever side you’re laying on, the breathable, comfortable material will never leave you sweaty or overheated. Along with a hidden zipper design that allows for easy transfer, these innovative pillowcases are also machine-washable.

The best part? You’ll pay just $26 for a set of two pillowcases in standard size or $30 for two in queen.

cooling pillows

2 Best Satin: Bedsure Pillowcase

$10 (was $17),

The best-selling pillowcases on Amazon, these covers from Bedsure are a great way to enjoy the feeling of a silky-smooth pillowcase without spending a lot. Made with 100 percent polyester satin—an affordable alternative to real silk—the pillowcases are ultra-soft and “cool the touch,” according to users. They have traditional envelope closures, so you won’t have to worry about snagging them on a hard zipper throughout the night, and are even machine-washable (the brand recommends washing them on cold in a mesh laundry bag to preserve the material). 

Available in 23 colors, the pillowcases start at just $10 for a set of two, making them the most affordable option on this list. Many reviewers tout the beauty benefits of the covers; one called them “a hair and skin must-have,” while another said they “kept my hair perfect all night.” 

In short, if you’re looking for “a luxurious feel for low cost,” this customer-favorite set backed by 10,000 five-star reviews is for you.

SHEEX Original Performance Pillowcases

3 Best With Cooling Technology: Sheex Original Performance Fabric Pillowcases


These Sheex pillowcases are specially designed to transfer heat away from your body, leaving you cool and comfortable all night. If you haven’t already heard of this famous sleepwear company, it was created by two college basketball coaches who realized that the moisture-wicking performance fabric often used in athletic apparel would be super comfortable as bedding. So they put their idea to the test, and the rest is history.

According to the brand, Sheex fabrics are made to “breathe nearly 50 percent better than traditional cotton” and use evaporative cooling and ventilation to help your body stay at a comfortable, regulated temperature. Along with the cooling technology, these pillowcases are also lightweight, soft to the touch, and resistant to pilling and fading over time—so they’ll be a staple in your bedroom for years to come.

One reviewer called this set of two Sheex pillowcases “almost magical” and said, “I can’t believe how effective these are against hot sleeping! It is just revolutionary to me to awaken not drenched in sweat. These are truly magical. I could not be more pleased.”

slip™ for beauty sleep Slipsilk™ Pure Silk Pillowcase

4 Best Silk Option: SlipSilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

From $89,

In the market for a luxe silk pillowcase? Go with a highly rated version from the beauty-focused bedding brand Slip. Not only does the 100 percent silk material on this customer-favorite pillowcase feel cool to the touch and super luxurious, but it also offers anti-aging and beauty benefits. The silk fibers are less absorbent than more traditional pillowcase materials, so your skincare products won’t transfer onto the pillowcase (and off your skin) as you sleep. Plus, silk material minimizes friction, so you won’t have to worry about your hair getting knotty or tangled—not to mention, it greatly reduces the appearance of creases and lines on your face.

Slip is completely devoted to promoting “beauty sleep,” so you can trust that this comfortable, silky pillowcase will do the job. It has a 4.5-star rating on Nordstrom and more than 800 reviews from happy customers—one said it feels like you’re “going to sleep on a cool, soft kiss.” Another shopper wrote, “Having heard the hype around these pillowcases, I decided to treat myself to one. I love cool sheets and pillows, and this is one of the best. The silk feels so soft against your face and you feel like you are sinking into pure luxury.”

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

5 Best Budget Silk Option: Zimasilk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Another great silk option, Zimasilk’s pillowcase is just as comfortable and well-received as the SlipSilk, but it costs half the price. Made with 100 percent pure mulberry silk—a luxurious and unique type of silk—it has a natural cooling, glossy feel that’ll pretty much guarantee you never wake up feeling hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable. Aside from being soft and breathable, the silk material offers a slew of benefits for your hair and skin, like preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging over time, minimizing sleep lines and puffy eyes, smoothing frizzy hair and tangles—the list goes on.

This popular pillowcase is offered in 35 different colors, and for the quality of the material, it’s a steal at just $24 for the queen size. A whopping 22,700 people left perfect ratings, and tons of reviewers say the fabric is real, authentic silk, which they found a bit surprising based on the affordable price. “I do not like a full set of silk sheets, so I never thought I would buy silk pillowcases. I am a very hot sleeper and recently waking up so so hot! I read about silk pillowcases helping with staying cool, not to mention keeping your hair in better condition while sleeping AND easing up on the facial wrinkles,” said one shopper. “Well let me tell you so far it has been fan-freaking-tastic laying on this. I actually do feel cooler on my neck, not waking up with sweat on my neck.”

Snuggle-Pedic Zipper Removable Pillow Cover

6 Best Sweat-Resistant: Snuggle-Pedic Kool-Flow Bamboo Pillow Cover


The ventilated bamboo viscose fabric on this pillowcase from Snuggle-Pedic makes it extra breathable and sweat-wicking. Tiny micro-vents throughout the pillow cover allow for optimal air circulation, and paired with the naturally lightweight bamboo material, this option will keep you cool and comfortable no matter the temperature. The eco-friendly pillowcase is also machine-washable, includes a concealed zipper on one side, and comes in five sizes to fit everything from a kid’s pillow to a full-body pillow. Some customers said they opted to use the Kool-Flow cover as a pillowcase, while others use it underneath a pillowcase, but either way, the cooling technology still works to prevent overheating.

With all of these smart features, it’s no wonder the pillow cover’s earned nearly 800 five-star reviews on Amazon. One shopper called it “brilliant” and said, “These are so nice. We bought one in the middle of summer to see if it would even keep us cool at night and it worked so well we bought another one. I currently have a pillowcase over the cover and it still works very well.” Another wrote, “This case really does stay cool! Very soft and comfortable.”

cooling pillows

7 Most Comfortable: Buffy Eucalyptus Pillowcases


For a luxurious sleep experience, consider Buffy’s set of two pillowcases made with 100 percent eucalyptus fibers. The hypoallergenic material is naturally breathable, while the high thread count means you can expect an unmatched level of softness. 

Machine-washable on cold, the pillowcases come in six soft tones—they’re colored with natural dyes, per the brand—in standard and king sizes. Buffy customers gave them a collective 4.8-star rating, calling them silky and “soft to the touch.” One person, who titled their review “that  fresh-flipped feeling every time,” wrote: “You know those nights where you roll over and you flip your pillow over and it feels so nice and cool? That’s how this pillowcase feels every time I lay on it, no flipping required. It is soft and cool to the touch! If you sleep warm, I definitely recommend starting with these pillowcases.”

MR&HM Satin Body Pillow Pillowcase

8 Best for Body Pillow: MR&HM Satin Body Pillowcase


The best cooling cover for a body pillow, the MR&HM polyester satin pillowcase has nearly 5,000 five-star Amazon ratings. The soft, silk-like material feels super lavish—though it costs just $11—and the 20-by-54-inch size is ideal for most standard body pillows. With 27 colors to choose from, this zipper-free cooling case also comes in standard, queen, and king pillow sizes. 

One reviewer said having this case on their body pillow is “better than cuddling a teddy bear,” while another said it “doesn’t get hot and adds a really luxurious feel to my bedroom.” 

cooling pillows

9 Best With Cooling Gel: Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow and Cove


If you’re in the market for both a pillow and a case to keep you cool at night, consider this option from popular pillow brand Coop Home Goods. You’ll get a CertiPur-US-certified gel memory foam pillow paired with a hypoallergenic bamboo-rayon pillowcase that results in “the best pillow experience ever,” according to customers. But what really sets it apart from others is its customization—you can open up the pillow to remove or add fill (it comes with an extra half- pound in a separate bag) until you reach the perfect level of plushness and firmness for your unique sleep needs.

More than 8,000 shoppers left the cooling gel pillow a perfect rating, with numerous people calling it the “most comfortable” and “best pillow” they’ve ever had. “The casing material is extremely soft and very very cool and breathable. The pillow is very comfortable,” one wrote. “When you first lay your head down on it, there's a cool sensation that's so pleasant… I'm one of those people who tends to run warm with just about everything. But the pillow stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.”

cooling pillows

10 Best With Performance Fabric: Columbia Cooling Pillowcases


Columbia’s cooling pillowcases are made with a blend of cotton and lyocell—a performance fabric often used in athletic clothing—that makes them exceptionally moisture-wicking. The 300-thread-count cotton fibers add another level of softness and comfort to the machine-washable covers. The set of two cases can be purchased as part of a full sheet set in three sizes or on their own in standard and king sizes starting at just $27. 

A number of reviewers mention that the sweat-wicking abilities of the fabric makes the pillowcases “worth the money,” especially for hot sleepers or those who experience hot flashes. One person said the sheets are “actually cooling for my hot husband,” while another said they “keep you cool all night.”