Questions to Ask a New Doctor Checklist

In addition to the typical questions you’d ask a new doctor—such as “Do you accept my insurance?”—there are others that will give you a sense of how courteously and promptly you’ll be treated.

  1. Check Can I get a copy of your office policy?

    This includes information on everything from hours to how to get a prescription refilled.

  2. Check Can I send you questions via e-mail?

    This is an easy way to have simple concerns addressed.

  3. Check What’s your cancellation policy?

    Some offices have strict policies, which may be a good sign: It means they try to stick to the schedule.

  4. Check How do I get my questions answered after I’ve left the doctor’s office?

    Ideally, your doctor should attempt to answer your calls within 24 hours.

  5. Check Do you have drop-in hours?

    Some offices, especially those of pediatricians, have a two-hour window during the day when you can see a doctor without an appointment.