Keep the bugs away throughout the school year with this germ-fighting and immune-boosting advice.

By Jennifer Benjamin
September 06, 2018

When my twins were little, it was pretty much a guarantee that we would bring home whatever nasty virus was making its way through the preschool. Roseola? Yep, got it. Hand, Foot and Mouth? We got it twice. Stomach bugs and cold bugs and strange coughs? We got them all! As my kids got older though, we were able to enforce healthier habits, like consistent hand washing, keeping their fingers out of their mouths, and not sharing foods (like, oh, popsicles) with their friends. Now that they’re firmly in elementary school, they know to blow their nose with a tissue, cough into their elbows, and eat healthy foods, all of which prevents them from sharing germs, as well as picking them up themselves. Still, I wanted to make sure I had all of my sickness-blasting bases covered, so I spoke to a couple of pediatricians to find out their best methods for keeping kiddie illness at bay.

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