This Balance Board From Amazon Makes Standing Desks Way More Comfortable

Say goodbye to achy feet and joints.
By Eden Lichterman
October 23, 2020
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For many of us, working from home has become the new norm. Over the past several months, you may have invested in equipment, like a standing desk or an ergonomic chair, to make your home office a little more comfortable. But if you’re still experiencing joint pain from sitting or standing in the same place each day, we have a solution for you: the Fezibo anti-fatigue standing desk balance board

Available in both a medium and large size, this standing mat is designed to keep your legs and core active throughout the day to relieve tension in your feet, reduce fatigue, and improve focus. The top of the board has massage points for your feet, and the bottom is made from non-slip, natural rubber that stays put on any surface without banging or scratching. You can choose from black, blue, and gray color options. And right now, the mat is up to 32 percent off. 

“I have a standing desk and used to stand about 25 percent of the time or less because I have plantar fasciitis, and it often hurts to stand for a long time,” one reviewer wrote. “I find myself now standing a good part of my work day because my feet don't hurt and the fact that [the mat] rocks means I can move around easier.”

Another shopper, who’s currently teaching from home, wrote, “Before the mat came, my legs and hips hurt from standing for so long. But the mat helps, so that I can move around and not put so much pressure on the joints. I'm so glad I got it!” 

One reviewer was worried that the board would wobble too much and act as a distraction, but once she started using it, she realized it has exactly the opposite effect. “It has a very gentle wobble that allows me to shift my weight easily, slightly raising one foot/leg and taking the pressure off,” she wrote, adding, “My legs and feet were getting numb and a little painful. This is the perfect remedy.” 

Since many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, we recommend investing in products that will improve your office setup. And as one reviewer wrote, this mat is “worth every penny.” Shop both sizes of the balance board below.


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