Family Health and Wellness Guide

The tonic for what ails you: medical experts’ advice on how to avoid germs and protect your family from illness.



Family Practices

Surfaces Where Germs Lurk

Little hands touch everything, from faucets to fistfuls of playground sand in a day. What's the germiest spot?

Germs 101

A quick refresher on the types of germs that can cause infection or disease.

Insider Tips From Medical Specialists

What your doctor doesn’t have time to tell you in an all-too-brief appointment.

Checking Your Child’s Symptoms Online

Before you take inaccurate (or alarming) results to heart, read this.

Health-Care Basics: Spend or Save?

When to spend and when to save on eight essentials that affect your health every day.

Health Facts and Fiction

Of all the adages about taking care of yourself, which are true and which are false?

The Best Hand Sanitizer Picks

Get the nitty-gritty on these instant germ fighters, and find the best options for your little squirt.

15 Things You Need to Know About Vaccines

Experts answer common questions about vaccines for children and adults.

What Causes Hiccups? And More Tricky Kid Questions

Do you feel like a fraud when your kids ask why the grass is green? (Because it contains chlorophyll—ring a bell?—a green pigment plants use to make their food.) Behold this parental compendium of uncommon knowledge, which explains a few mysteries of the universe.


Medical Exams

The Best Bandages for Kids

These four bandages will delight your children―and stick with them.