Breast Cancer Facts

What you need to know about preventing the disease, helping someone who is dealing with it, and supporting organizations that fight it.

More About Breast Health

Breast Cancer Exams and Screenings

Early detection of breast cancer can save your life. Here are the tests you need and when to get them.

A Breast-Health Glossary

Screenings can be disconcerting, but don’t let the jargon confuse or needlessly worry you. A crib sheet.

Charities That Help Fight Breast Cancer

Worthy organizations that help those diagnosed with breast cancer, and fund research to end the disease.

Do You Stress Unnecessarily Over Health Tests?

Medical insiders share tips to take the anxiety out of everything from eye exams to mammograms.


Research Supporters

Online Resources for Breast Cancer Information

The sites to visit whether you've been diagnosed with the disease or want to donate money for research. 

If We All Did These 4 Things, It Would Cut the Cancer Death Rate In Half

Researchers have identified simple lifestyle factors that could make a huge difference.

RS Cancer Survivor Gets a Major Surprise

We surprised Real Simple copy editor (and cancer survivor), Pamela Grossman, with a gift that keeps on giving. Watch her heartfelt reaction here.

Exercise Can Lower Risk of Some Cancers By 20%

This is the most comprehensive look so far at how physical activity influences cancer risk.