Infused with lavender essential oil, it will calm you with each use.

By Stephanie Perry
May 19, 2020
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It’s no secret that hand sanitizers are in high demand these days, proving to be a bit difficult to get your, well, hands on. Thankfully, multiple brands and companies are stepping up to the plate to create their own products that not only meet the CDC’s recommended alcohol guidelines of 60 percent but also go a step beyond. Case in point: Organic Bath Co.’s Peacefull Hand Saniziter

In addition to effectively killing germs, the organic find is also moisturizing and scented with calming Bulgairan lavender essential oil to give you a much-needed moment of peace and relaxation with every use. Plus, the already-affordable $8 bottle is now an additional 15 percent off during Follain’s Pre-Memorial Day Sale.


To buy: $7 (was $8);

Organic Bath Co. is a small business based in Boston, Mass. that creates handmade products that encourage “head-to-toe skin health” through self-care. The safe, clean, and effective products include small-batch bath salts, body butter, night balm, and now hand sanitizers. 

In addition to its Peacefull Hand Sanitizer, Organic Bath Co. also sells a Zesty Morning Hand Sanitizer, infused with citrus oils to help you feel energized and awake every time you spray it on. Both products are made with a CDC- approved 63 percent alcohol base, and created with glycerin, a natural moisturizing agent that keeps the skin hydrated. As for the other ingredients? The organic sanitizers come in two-ounce spray bottles and contain just four ingredients in total: Ethyl alcohol, glycerin, purified water USP, and their respective essential oils. 


To buy:  $7 (was $8);

If you’re in the market for a sanitizer that’s not only effective, but also acts as a dose of self-care, hydrating your hands and giving you a spritz of relaxing or energizing essential oils, look no further than Organic Bath Co.’s Peacefull Hand Sanitizer and Zesty Morning Hand Sanitizer.