Set yourself up for success by making sure your breakfast leaves you energized for the day.

By Laura Fisher
February 01, 2019
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I’m not typically one for New Year’s resolutions, but as 2019 approached I started thinking about one simple daily action I could commit to that would have a powerful effect on my overall quality of life.
Making lifestyle changes can sometimes seem overwhelming, but after many (failed) attempts at grand dietary overhauls, I’ve come to learn that choosing one small action that I can take consistently is my best bet for reaching my nutrition and overall health goals. The action of making one choice into a daily habit is much more effective than, say, declaring you’re giving up all sugar and processed carbohydrates on January 1, only to end up face-deep in a pile of doughnuts by mid-February.
Breakfast is an exceptionally good place to make a small but meaningful change since what you eat in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. When it came to my daily shift for 2019, it was a no brainer: adding more protein into my breakfasts. Having a protein-packed breakfast helps me feel full and satisfied until lunch, allowing me to effortlessly bypass the muffins on my 10 a.m. coffee run. A breakfast higher in protein also helps stabilize blood sugar and control cravings throughout the entire day.
Breakfast is usually pretty rushed for me, though, so I needed to come up with a few easy ways to incorporate more protein into my morning meals without adding any more time to my routine. Here are nine hacks I'm using to make breakfasts in 2019 easier, healthier, and more delicious.

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