Rosé had its day. Now, another popular beverage has inspired the latest sweet trend. Green juice gummy bears have arrived, and they’re surprisingly sweet. 

By Blake Bakkila
Updated April 27, 2017

Sugarfina, the purveyors of the ultra-popular rosé gummy bears, partnered with Pressed Juicery to make green juice gummy bears. Whether you’re reverting back to your daily dose of childhood gummy vitamins or looking to cleanse your body of all the sparkling wine-flavored bears you’ve eaten, you may want to check these out.

The gummies are available in three sizes: a “shot” containing one serving for $3, half of a Pressed Juicery bottle with five servings for $6.50, or a large bottle with 11 servings for $14. They are also selling a 7-Day Gummy Bear Cleanse box set with seven “shots” for each day of the week that retails for $23.

Every bottle contains large and small bears (dubbed mama and baby bears) made with apple and lemon fruit juice concentrate, and each serving (about 14 pieces) contains 20 percent of your daily vitamins C and A.

The green juice gummies are touted as all-natural, fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO treats with no artificial colors or flavors. Ingredients include glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, fruit juice concentrate, spinach concentrate, citric acid, ginger extract palm oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Though the candy does have similarities to green juice, the gelatin makes them off-limits for vegans and vegetarians. But that hasn’t stopped people from buying them. The cleanse package has already sold out online, though the other options are still available for purchase.

Samples are available at Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery locations, and the bears are here for a limited time only. Customers who visit Pressed Juicery locations with the freeze option can even get the bears as a topping on frozen soft-serve treats.

Our staff was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, refreshing taste of the green gummies: “It’s such a pleasant experience,” one staffer said. “I like green juice and it’s a fun take on it. All the flavors are balanced and fresh and it doesn’t taste too healthy!”

The apple taste is the most overpowering flavor in each bite and, as another staffer pointed out, the branding is slightly deceptive because of the high sugar content (17 grams per serving).

So while a little jar of these mama and baby bears is definitely tasty, they probably won’t be quite as cleansing as a cold-pressed juice.