Whatever’s got you down, whether it’s the winter or general feelings of anxiety and stress, these products may help you feel better.

By Christina Butan
Updated January 22, 2019
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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser
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Winter blues can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. Suddenly you find yourself less energized than usual, not in the mood to socialize (or do anything, for that matter), and struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Luckily for us, there are a few natural ways to help boost your energy levels and alleviate whatever you’re feeling, whether it’s stress, anxiety, fatigue, or a mix of it all. Plus, these science-backed methods can be used all year round when you’re feeling down.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
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Light Therapy

With winter comes darkness: Days are often cloudy, and many of us are waking up before sunrise. But with this problem comes a solution—light therapy! Also referred to as sun lamps, these lamps mimic the natural light you get outdoors, so that you can gain the benefits of the sun at any time of the day. Using this type of lighting can help wake you up at your desk or stimulate the serotonin you might be missing.

  • Verilux HappyLight Compact Light Therapy Lamp, $40; amazon.com.
  • Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $139; amazon.com.
  • Circadian Optics Lampu Light Therapy Lamp, $65 (was $110); amazon.com.
The Republic Of Tea Be Well Red Rooibos Tea
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The health benefits of drinking tea are numerous. From helping your digestive system to fighting infections, different varieties have different benefits—including improving your mood. Certain teas may help ease feelings of stress and anxiety on their own, including green tea, chamomile tea, and lemon balm tea, while other tea blends multitask to relax you and perk up your energy levels at the same times.

  • The Republic Of Tea Be Well Red Rooibos Tea, $12; amazon.com.
  • Bigelow 6 Assorted Green Teas, $20; amazon.com.
  • Yogi Herbal Positive Energy Tea, $14; amazon.com.
Victoria's Lavender Massage Candle
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Wake up and smell the lavender. Studies suggest that aromatherapy helps alleviate depressive symptoms through both essential oil inhalation and massage. Many essential oils have emotional and physical benefits that can help calm you down or give you an instant energy boost. You can get a set of multiple essential oils to see what works best for you, or you can try out individual ones, like clary sage, lavender, or geranium, which are all mood enhancers (and smell amazing!).

  • VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, $20; amazon.com.
  • Beginner’s Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set, $30; amazon.com.
  • Victoria's Lavender Moisturizing Massage Candle, $20; amazon.com.