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Istvan Banyai

Whatever goes through your mind during the 30 minutes before you sleep is replayed throughout the night in your dreams, so think of three successes you had during the day to ensure you wake up feeling like an achiever. “I call this ‘thinking like a golfer,’ because most golfers don’t focus on all the bad shots they have had. They focus on the great shots, and it makes them want to go play again and again,” says Jon Gordon, a sports and business consultant and the author of The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team With Positive Energy ($22, amazon.com).

Forgive and Forget

“If you carry resentment, it’s like carrying a bag of rocks,” says Judy Irving, a Las Vegas–based executive coach who helps companies improve their efficiency. “Your energy is depleted because you’re giving it away to the person you’re resenting.” Even if the forgiveness is internal but unacknowledged, it will help bring that energy back.

Embrace the Three-Minute Meditation

Think of something beautiful and powerful, like a waterfall, to get the endorphins flowing, which, in turn, boosts energy levels. If you can’t sustain three minutes, start with 10 seconds. “It’s about stopping the cycle of frenzy,” says Orloff. Need a real image? Use the three-minute Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Video on youtube.com as meditation training wheels.

Turn Your World Upside Down

“Any inverted pose is energizing, even just leaning over to touch your toes,” says Merritt. Shut your office door and do roughly two minutes of downward dog, or if you’re not a yogi, “stick your rear against the wall, put your feet two feet in front of you ( just a little wider than your hips), bend your knees, and bend forward. Your back will stretch out, and you’ll get a bunch of blood flowing to your head,” she says.

Write a Thank-You Note

Stress zaps energy, and “it’s tough to be stressed and feel grateful at the same time,” says Gordon. Think of things you’re grateful for (a coworker who helped on a last-minute project, a fellow mom who covered for you when you forgot all about snack day), then put pen to paper.