Even when she's super busy.


It’s hard not to love Kristen Annie Bell. The Frozen and Bad Moms actor is known not only for being laugh out loud funny—both on and off screen—but also for her honesty about family, relationships, and even mental health. So it's no surprise that in promotion of the second season of her delightful NBC show The Good Place, the actress and professional sloth enthusiast took to the discussion board site Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything), opening herself up to all kinds of questions from fans. The questions ranged from how she has managed to look the same age her entire career (Answer: Good genes and staying out of the sun), to her favorite fun fact about sloths (Answer: they only poop once a week). Though much of her answers were lighthearted, she also provided some valuable advice, like how to keep stress at bay.

When one Reddit user asked Bell how she was able to stay mentally healthy while being so busy, she said three things: working out, checking in, and self-care.

This isn’t the first time Bell got real about her mental health. In 2016, she appeared on The Off Camera Show, where she discussed her anxiety and depression diagnoses and admitted that she has taken anti-depressant medication. Additionally, in a 2017 interview with Refinery29, she sung the praises of her therapist Harry.

Stressed yourself? Give Bell’s advice a run. Try her favorite exercise, a butt-focused move called “The Bowler.” Communicate how you’re really feeling with those you love (“Be vulnerable!” she told fans on Reddit). And of course, take care of yourself—whether that means talking to your therapist, or trying out one of these five tips she shared with Shine Text earlier this year.