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I Tried This New Wellness Platform for the Workouts—but Stayed for the Mental Health Resources

The program made it super easy to find doctors with my new insurance, too. 
By Ariel Scotti
June 02, 2021
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After moving my wedding day back more than a year, I'm finally tying the knot this fall. In the months leading up to my nuptials, I've decided to not only rededicate myself to a consistent fitness routine, but also make an effort to truly embrace wellness as a whole. For me, this means working on my mental health and making regular doctor appointments so I can rest assured that everything is running smoothly. This may sound fairly simple, but with a full-time job, a new puppy, and an endless checklist of wedding planning tasks, it has been a lot to take on at once.

So when I was offered a trial run of a new wellness platform that could help me in every single one of these areas—dog walking not included—I jumped at the opportunity. It's called 4 Your Health, and, full disclosure, it's owned by the parent company of Real Simple, but I found it to be a tool I'm grateful to have at my disposal. 

Mental Health App

To buy: $19.95/month after a 14-day free trial;

FIrst thing's first, I need to make sure that my Carolina Herrera wedding dress is still going to fit  (the last time I tried it on was March 2020, many Saturday night pandemic pasta dinners ago). I was excited to see that 4 Your Health has tons of different workouts, which are conveniently organized in a few different ways: by the type of movement I might feel like doing, by fitness level, and by body part. The site has cardio sessions, yoga classes, ab workouts, lower body routines, and several different 30-day challenges for a more structured commitment, too. 

I started with a "Burn Cardio" class for beginner-to-intermediate levels that ran just under 12 minutes long. I wasn't expecting much from a short cardio workout, but by the time it was over, I was drenched in sweat thanks to the sprints, jump squats, and butt kickers this HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class had me doing.

Knowing that my body was in good butt-kicking hands, I decided next to work on my mind. Meditation has always felt aspirational to me, like it was a practice only very calm people with their lives fully together could do. But I was relieved to find that 4 Your Health offers plenty of mindfulness and meditation videos tailored to beginners. I chose a 5-minute gratitude practice, and was serenely guided through the prompts that, somehow, made me feel lighter while also causing me to step back and think about my life.

I'm still fairly new to the full-time job I mentioned earlier, so it's been stressful to figure out which of my doctors take my new insurance, while trying to find replacements for the ones who don't. To help ease my worries about all of the appointments I didn't make over the last year, I decided to schedule a consultation with a doctor who could tell me the types of specialist appointments I should make (if any), and which annual checkups I should consider. It was easy to enter my medical details in 4 Your Health, and I was quickly scheduled for a video chat with a licensed provider at the date and time of my choosing. 

There are other aspects of the site that I haven't explored yet—in particular, the rolodex of recipes it includes—but I got a quick glance at a grilled cheese panini meal and am sure I'll be back for that next. 

Start your own fitness, mindfulness, and overall wellness journey with 4 Your Health, the all-in-one online resource that's helped me prioritize my physical and mental health.