5 Hand Sanitizers We Love

Even though warm weather is ahead, the daily germs we come in contact with are not going anywhere. That's why having a good hand sanitizer with you at all times is always a good idea. Here are some we don’t mind rubbing on again and again.


All Good Hand Sanitizer


Made with 100 percent organic ingredients, this sanitizer is so natural you can even use it as a breath freshener. The peppermint essential oil makes it super refreshing (and even reminds us of mint chocolate chip ice cream!). 

To buy: $5; walmart.com.

Photo by walmart.com

Jao Brand Refresher Not Just For Hands Sanitizer


I’ve heard time and time again (from personal accounts) that this is the only disinfectant that won’t dry out your hands. That can be credited to the hydrating blend of aloe, panthenol, and glycerin. Plus, thanks to essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile, it smells delicious.

To buy: $10; anthropologie.com.

Photo by anthropologie.com

Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Sanitizers


If fragrance is your determining factor for choosing a sanitizer, look no further than Bath & Body Works. Not only do they come in a plethora of scents (Japanese cherry blossom, limoncello, sweet pea, etc.), the petite packaging and brightly colored formula makes you want to whip it out even if you’ve just washed your hands. Plus, if picking a favorite is too hard, you can buy a pack of five different scents so you can try them all!

To buy: $6; bathandbodyworks.com.

Photo by bathandbodyworks.com


Honest Hand Sanitizer Gel


A clean, simple sanitizer that’s also pretty is hard to come by, but this one checks all the marks. Choose from three scents (lavender, lemongrass, and orange) and two sizes (two or eight ounces) to keep in your purse or at home. Made with aloe and calendula, it cleans without stripping.

To buy: $6; honest.com.

Photo by honest.com

Babyganics On-The Go Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer


If your baby has a habit of touching everything and then touching her mouth, you have to be extra careful with what you use to clean those tiny hands off. This sanitizer is made especially for the younger set—it rids skin of 99.9 percent of germs, without alcohol. The plant-based formula also uses citrus oils as antimicrobials, which leave behind a fresh, clean scent.

To buy: $3; target.com.

Photo by target.com