This easy-to-master barre move is a real leg burner.  

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
Updated March 18, 2016
Henry Leutwyler

Consider the plié​ squat your shortcut to achieving the lithe, gently muscular limbs of a dancer without ever stepping foot in a ballet class. “More graceful than a typical squat, the ‘wide second position’ is derived from a ballet exercise and will hammer those tough-to-reach inner-thigh muscles while simultaneously defining the entire leg musculature,” says Nicole De Anda, the national barre manager for Equinox, who created this routine. In other words, do this move, a staple of barre workouts worldwide, to tone your lower half (almost) faster than you can say “tutu.”

photo by Henry Leutwyler, illustratrion by Brownbird Design