Stretching & Yoga

11 Little Ways to Know If You’re Fit

You don’t have to be a super athlete to be in good shape. Faring well at these basic fitness tests (no gym needed) can help you live your strongest life.

How to Have a Home Yoga Practice That Sticks

When it comes to yoga teachers, Cyndi Lee is the top of the top—the world-renowned founder of Om Yoga, she is also the author of five books (with a sixth in the works) and, through her teacher-trainings, is a force behind many of the greatest instructors on the planet. She is also about as real as they come. Real Simple deputy editor Danielle Claro asked Cyndi about that ever-elusive entity: the steady home practice.

How Yoga Helps to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Those sun salutations are good for more than a strong core and flexibility. They may give you a sunny disposition, too.