A recent viral opinion piece shamed women for wearing yoga pants, but that won’t stop us from proclaiming our love for them. 

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Long live yoga pants. They’re comfortable, they’re flattering… and did we mention they’re comfortable? Whether in workout class, lounging on the couch or in the line at the grocery store, we’re never ashamed to wear them—even when some people for some reason think we should be wearing something else.

A recent New York Times opinion piece even went so far to shame women for wearing yoga pants, even going so far as to say that they were “bad for women.”  The Twitter-sphere went up in flames in reaction to the hot take, noting that not all women wear them for the same reason, and that women shouldn’t have to justify why they’re wearing yoga pants to anyone besides themselves. Yesterday, InStyle published a piece retorting the whole controversy, asking “Can’t a Woman Wear Yoga Pants in Peace?”

We’d hope that yes, a woman can wear yoga pants in peace. Why give up the snugness of our favorite cotton (or Lycra) pants just to please a stranger? There is no reason! So slip into your favorite pair (you know, the one you’ve had since college) and toast looking cute and comfortable. Haven’t met the love of your yoga pants life yet? They’re out there, we promise! Here, six of our staff’s favorite picks to try out. 

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