A new yoga app brings expert teachers and routines straight to your phone.

Credit: Supreeya Chantalao / EyeEm/Getty Images

Any yogi (casual, wanna-be, or expert) can appreciate a good yoga workout, and a new yoga app from Daily Burn—the pros behind the highly popular digital workout streaming service—brings excellent yoga classes straight to your living room. For anyone trying (or struggling) to get into yoga ball exercises, downward facing dog, and other yoga moves for a more flexible, stronger body, using a yoga app at home, on vacation, or during any free moment might be just the solution.

Meet Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn. The new yoga app launched February 28 and is from the minds (and healthy bodies) behind Daily Burn, which offers streaming workouts to mobile devices, computers, and televisions for everything from HIIT and barre to body weight exercises and pilates. Yoga Workouts offers video yoga classes for all fitness levels, with expert guidance and pose-specific videos to help anyone boost their flexibility, mobility, and mental stamina.

Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn
Credit: Courtesy of Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn

Courtesy of Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn

The yoga app will offer everything from yoga fundamentals and daily Quick Resets (three- to five-minute dynamic stretches for a body- or mind-reset) to guided weekly training programs and full yoga workouts. Anyone can go to a yoga class at a studio or the gym, but bringing the yoga practice home can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. With a trusty yoga app like Yoga Workouts, moving through a quick flow (or a whole yoga class) at home is quick and easy.

Yoga Workouts is a free yoga app to download for iPhone users, and first-time downloaders get three free workouts. After that, if the app suits your style and yoga preferences, you can select a one-, three-, six-, or twelve-month paid subscription plan for unlimited access to the app; subscriptions start at $12.99 per month.

Within the app, you can pick yoga flows based on fitness goals such as getting stronger and increasing flexibility (and get personalized recommendations) or pick particular poses you’re working to master. Lessons and video guides can even be downloaded, so you can take your yoga flow on the go. Not everyone loves yoga, but if you think you might, downloading a new yoga app might get rid of any excuses keeping you off the mat.