8 Ways to Find Free Yoga Classes (Online or In Person)

Yoga classes don't have to cost a fortune, thanks to these free online and in-person options.

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There's a reason so many people turn to yoga for low-impact exercise and stress relief. Thanks to its emphasis on the breath-and-body connection, this time-honored movement practice combines the physical benefits of stretching exercises and bodyweight training with the mindfulness of meditation and breathwork. Depending on what type of yoga you do—and there are many options out there, from soothing restorative yoga to more aerobically vigorous vinyasa yoga—regular practice can help increase flexibility and balance, ease lingering aches and pains, strengthen muscles, and boost energy.

Yoga is pretty great; paying for yoga gets pretty pricey. As with most things, paying for classes at a studio does have its perks: specialized attention, tips for improvement, and more—but classes can cost $15 and more per class, which adds up when you're a regular attendee. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for free yoga, especially if you're new to the practice or have a flexible schedule. (More advanced yogis or those with tight schedules might be better off paying for classes that fit their needs.) You just need yoga-appropriate clothes and a basic yoga mat. With these free yoga options, you can attend in-person classes or practice in the comfort of your own home with online free yoga videos and free yoga apps.

Note that you might not get quite the same experience with a free yoga session: If you don't like a particular instructor or setting, or wish your free yoga app had more advanced options, it might be time to consider a paid option. If you have old injuries or other conditions that may make yoga difficult, start by going to a studio to learn the basics and work with a pro until you've established a safe and comfortable foundation.

The Best Free Yoga Classes

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Yoga With Adriene

With more than 11 million subscribers, this YouTube channel, started and hosted by yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, is one of the best, most reliable options for free yoga. Videos are typically anywhere from about 12 minutes to 40 minutes long—with most falling around 20 minutes—depending on the specific theme or goal of the session. Adriene is a clear, friendly, and approachable guide through each flow, whether you're sweating through a strengthening yoga class or breathing through a foundation basics video. She has some excellent beginner videos, but it's also a fantastic free option for those already familiar with the various poses who want to practice at home or on the road between studio visits. Adriene also offers specific flows centered around different health goals, such as alleviating pain points, stretching or strengthening certain muscle groups, connecting to the breath, or melting stress away.

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Yoga for Beginners App

For a simplified, beginner-friendly intro to yoga, try the free yoga app Yoga for Beginners. It offers a breakdown of basic poses plus quick flows to put them all together. There's even a morning yoga routine to alternate with your morning stretches.

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Lululemon Free Yoga Videos

You know and love this athletic brand for its nearly unbeatable yoga and workout clothes, but did you know Lululemon also offers a solid collection of free online yoga classes? Videos are led by brand ambassadors and offer a range of styles, including restorative and power yoga. If you're dying to take an in-person class, check with your local store; many Lululemon locations offer free yoga classes through the Sweat With Us program.

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Your Local Library or Community Center

Many local governments, recreational programs, and community centers (even your library) offer free classes to residents. Check your city's official website or ask someone at the community center what's available; in the spring and summer, there might even be outdoor classes in local parks.

If you're a student or professor with access to a campus rec center, the facilities might also offer discounted or free yoga classes; many offer a semester or even a year's worth of unlimited classes for a flat fee.

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Your Gym

If you're already paying for a gym membership, you might be paying for yoga classes without realizing it. Ask the front desk about any group exercise classes that may be included in your membership. Chances are, there are a few you can sign up for without tacking on fees to your membership.

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Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club (NTC) offers a paid membership option, but it also offers some free workout videos. There are a few yoga options, plus strength training and more—perfect if you want to combine yoga with other exercises for a well-rounded routine.

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Athleta Free Yoga Events

Athleta sells reliable, no-fuss yoga-wear that can go to the studio and beyond, but it also offers community events and classes. Types of workout classes vary by location, but you can check online or at your local Athleta store to see what's available near you.

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FitOn App

Free, straightforward, and easy-to-use, the FitOn app has a wide selection of streamable free yoga videos (and other workout videos) from celebrity instructors. Most videos are relatively quick, perfect for hectic schedules, and you can stream them onto your TV for a more studio-like experience, if desired.

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