Spotify just released some surprising music trends.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 09, 2017
Maskot/Getty Images

If you’ve been meaning to hit the gym more often, here’s even more motivation to get moving in 2017. There’s nothing like a good song or playlist to get you amped up and motivated to run that extra mile or stick with that last set of reps. To help you curate the ultimate exercise playlist, music streaming service Spotify just revealed the top workout music trends.

Spotify analyzed user data to see which artists made it onto workout playlists the most, plus which countries listened to workout playlists more. Rapper Drake topped the artist list, while Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Calvin Harris rounded out the top five. As for countries that listened to workout playlists the most, Norway ranked number one, with Iceland and Sweden as second and third on the list, respectively. The United States made it onto the list at number 10. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean that Norwegians work out the most (hey, you don’t have to be exercising to listen to a workout-specific playlist), it’s a good indication that the countries on the list are getting active.

The streaming service also compiled data on the top workout playlists, with “Dance Workout,” “Power Workout,” and “Cardio” in the top three. Users also enjoyed some Latin sounds, with “Para Entrenar” and “Latin Dance Cardio” on the top 10 list, too.

Take a look at the full lists below and get more information on Spotify’s workout music data here:

Top Workout Artists:

  1. Drake
  2. Eminem
  3. Kanye West
  4. Rihanna
  5. Calvin Harris
  6. The Weeknd
  7. The Chainsmokers
  8. Beyoncé
  9. Sia
  10. David Guetta

Top Countries for Workout Music:

  1. Norway
  2. Iceland
  3. Sweden
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Denmark
  7. New Zealand
  8. Ireland
  9. Great Britain
  10. United States

Top Workout Playlists:

  1. Dance Workout
  2. Power Workout
  3. Cardio
  4. Para Entrenar
  5. Workout Twerkout
  6. Workout Remix
  7. Latin Dance Cardio
  8. Electro Workout
  9. Workout
  10. The Rock Workout