Ryan McKenna, a 13-year-old fan, stole the spotlight during the halftime show last night when he captured an epic selfie with JT after the pair danced together.

By Real Simple
Updated February 05, 2018
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

When Justin Timberlake left the stage last night during the Super Bowl halftime show and made his way into the crowd at the U.S. Bank Stadium, fans were thrilled to get the opportunity to dance and sing along with the pop star.

Ryan McKenna, a thirteen year old from Scituate, Massachusetts was recording a video of Timberlake walking in his direction, when the singer ended up standing right next to him, dancing together on the jumbotron. Ryan then seemed to fumble with his phone for a few moments before leaning in to snap a pic of the two of them together.

Quickly dubbed “Selfie Kid” by Super Bowl viewers around the world, memes of Ryan quickly went viral, mostly centered around viewers who wondered what he could have been doing on his phone during that once in a lifetime moment. Ryan's cameo got so much attention, he was even interviewed by Good Morning America earlier today.

Ryan told Good Morning America that he received thousands of new social media followers overnight, and while the fame and attention Ryan has received probably won’t last, the picture of him and Justin Timberlake will memorialize the moment for him forever.

“It was definitely a great opportunity,” Ryan told Good Morning America. “This was insane, like this was crazy that I got to meet him and get a picture with him, because he’s awesome.”

We hope that the star-studded moment was enough to make up for his team’s loss.