Trainers Tom Holland and Keli Roberts offer up a list of exercises that burn calories galore while tightening the bottom.

By Megan McMorris
Updated July 06, 2007
Warm-Up and Cooldown
Credit: Jonathan Pozniak
  • Cycling: Stay in the saddle while pedaling up a hill, which will shift the focus from the thighs to the glutes.
  • Hiking: Steep hills put a direct emphasis on the backside, and trekking downhill works the thighs.
  • Running and walking: Both activities are perfect lower-body toners, since you activate the glutes each time you push off a foot.
  • Skating: Every time you push off to move forward―whether you are on ice or using in-line roller skates―you engage the gluteal muscles.
  • Tennis: Lunging for the ball nets you a great behind. It targets the tush and gets your heart rate up at the same time.
  • Volleyball: Jumping to block or bump the ball requires constant lunges and squats, which give the lower body a workout.