Pinterest users can't get enough of this at-home workout.

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Pinterest trends come and go (remember the mason jar?), but this year’s roundup of the site’s 100 most popular Pins sheds some light on an at-home workout that’s showing no signs of fading into obscurity. According to Pinterest’s annual end-of-year list, ever-popular pins range in scope from DIY goat milk soap to trendy hair colors, but it’s the site’s spike in searches for "resistance band workouts" that caught our attention.

Based on the results, searches for resistance band workouts has risen 1,913% in the past year, signifying peaked interest among users in at-home workouts. Despite the surge in popularity, it's important to note that resistance band workouts aren’t entirely revolutionary. The colorful fitness bands are vaguely reminiscent of the Jane Fonda workout videos of yore, and the thought of strapping a brightly colored workout band around my ankles used to make me think that I could only break a proper sweat if legwarmers were involved. That is, until I ordered a set of Panathletic Resistance Loop Bands ($8; in an attempt to breathe new life into my workout regimen.

While I was simply expecting one or two durable bands to boost my occasional at-home sweat sesh, I was pleasantly surprised to find that each resistance band set included a photo-illustrated workout guide that detailed various upper and lower body exercises.

Each latex band was carefully detailed in terms of its resistance strength too, and the set came with a nylon carrying case for stashing in my gym bag or purse.

resistance bands

From the looks of all the resistance band enthusiasts on Instagram, it’s clear that the packable elastic bands work just as well on the beach or in a hotel room as they do at home. And for just $8 for a pack of five, the fitness bands cost significantly less than it does each time I cancel a Pilates class last minute on my ClassPass app.

In short, I'm obsessed and can't imagine working out without them. Test out the resistance bands for yourself by buying them on Amazon here, and prepare to enter the New Year with a new perspective on at-home workouts.