It’s the new viral trend sweeping the web.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 06, 2017
Clear Box
Credit: Anna Zasimova/Getty Images

In 2010 there was planking. Last year was all about the #MannequinChallenge. But this year’s viral trend? Well, it involves a little more physical skill. The “Invisible Box” challenge has taken Twitter and Instagram by storm in the past couple of weeks. To participate, someone pretends that there’s an invisible box in front of them (first patting the “top” to show where the box would be). They then walk forward stepping on the top of the imaginary box (lingering in the air for a tenth of a second) while bringing their other foot forward.

Think it’s easy? Just try it yourself—you’re guaranteed to hop or even fall on your first try. It’s quite a physical feat and the results are pretty amazing. Over the weekend, a high school cheerleader from Texas posted a nearly flawless execution of the challenge. Her December 1st Twitter video went viral, gaining 147K retweets and 293K favorites at time of writing.

On December 5, she appeared on the Today show to display her mesmerizing skill.

The originator of the challenge is thought to be Twitter user teedoe, who posted a video of him completing the challenge back in August.

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