Who knew it was this easy?

By Leslie Goldman
Updated December 06, 2017
Blue gym bag with yellow towel
Credit: pavlen/Getty Images
Blue gym bag with yellow towel
Credit: pavlen/Getty Images

Hang a Workout-Clothes Station in Your Closet

Organizing blogger Katie Maris Pyle of Olympia, Washington, fills each slot in a fabric hanging shoe organizer with a complete workout outfit—shirt, shorts, sports bra, and socks. Nearby: a bin filled with the hair ties, sunglasses, earbuds, pepper spray, and spare house key she takes on her runs. “I used to wake up intending to exercise, but when I couldn’t find clean clothes, I never made it out,” she says. “Now I have no excuses.”

Stash Extra Gear

Keep sneakers and spare workout clothes in the trunk of your car (or your go-everywhere tote) to take advantage of spur-of-the-moment fitness opportunities. “This way, if an appointment cancels or you’re driving by a beautiful park and have some time, you can squeeze in a workout,” says Susan Rudnicki, PhD, of Dunwoody, Georgia.

Set Up a Gym-Clothes Specific Laundry System

Keep your gym bag in the laundry room, suggests Leslie Josel, owner of Order Out of Chaos, an organizing company in Westchester, New York. As soon as you return from the gym, toss your sweaty clothes directly into the washing machine—and once they’re clean and dry, put them back in the bag. “If something takes a lot of steps, you’re less likely to do it,” she says. “With your bag already packed, that’s one less step to get yourself out the door.” (Plus, you’ll thwart mold spores, which can begin multiplying in damp gear in just 24 hours.)