These durable, no-slip mats will successfully hold your grip in hot yoga class (no matter how much you’re sweating).

By Chelsey Hamilton
January 18, 2019
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Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a total beginner, you’re likely aware that taking a hot yoga or Bikram yoga class will result in tons and tons of sweating. The high temperature and humidity levels in hot yoga studios mean there’s really no way to avoid becoming soaked in your own sweat—and that’s why it’s vital to find a reliable mat that’s specifically made for this type of yoga.

When searching for the best yoga mat for hot yoga, the most important aspect is choosing a mat with a strong grip that’s sticky enough to withstand sweat puddles. Since you’ll inevitably be pouring sweat by the end of the session (or, if you’re like me, three minutes in), choosing a durable mat made with non-slip rubber or microfiber will allow you to achieve every pose throughout class without worrying about slipping. And if you prefer extra cushioning on your joints, you can also opt for a thicker mat with even more stability.

To help you find the best hot yoga mats available, we’ve compiled a list of five no-slip mats that are sticky enough to withstand even the steamiest of classes. All of these options come highly-reviewed by satisfied yogis, so you can trust that they’ll do their job. What’s more, they’re made with materials that won’t trap odors—because no one wants to bring funky scents home with them after class—and can easily be cleaned without the risk of ruining the gripping texture. Take your pick below, so you’ll never have to deal with distractions (like slipping out of warrior pose due to a wet mat) once you’re in zen mode.

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