How to Build a Simple At-Home Gym on a Budget

No Peloton, no problem! Simply host Haley Cairo shows how to build an affordable yet effective at-home gym that stows away in minutes.
By Lisa Milbrand
March 31, 2021
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Staying fit and avoiding the quarantine 15 doesn't have to require spending a fortune on fancy at-home gym equipment—and finding the space in your house to set it all up. Simply host Haley Cairo has a simple (and effective) home gym setup that costs less than $200—and can easily be stashed under a bed or in a closet when she's done working up a sweat.

To make the most of your space (and budget), Haley recommends multi-use equipment, like yoga mats and resistance bands, which can be used to make the most of every move you do. And don't forget to use what you already have around your house—running up and down stairs can be an excellent cardio workout. (Think real-life stair climber!)

Here's everything you need to put together an effective home gym.

slingshot bands
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Sling Shot Resistance Bands


This upgraded resistance band won't pinch or hurt—and you can use it to make lunges, squats, and other exercises more challenging.

workout bands with handles
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Resistance Bands With Handles


Attach these to your door or another stable object to give your upper body a good resistance workout.

pink yoga mat
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Yoga Mat


A yoga mat isn't just for downward dogs—you can also roll it up to use it to cushion your knees for lunges or push-ups. (This one is pleasantly thick and substantial, no matter how you want to use it.)

Credit: Aerotrainer



This multitasking exercise tool can be used to optimize your core workouts—and can be inflated and deflated in seconds so it's easy to store.

whoop strap
Credit: WHOOP

Whoop Band

$30 per month;

This tracker covers all the bases, monitoring your body 24/7 to track sleep, performance and recovery to help you optimize your workouts and your overall health and fitness. 

resistance bands
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Booty Bands


This pack of three bands offers you different levels of resistance to help you target your legs and butt.