The Most Popular Home Workout Gear People Are Buying From Amazon Right Now

Including stationary bikes, adjustable kettlebells, and yoga mats starting at $7.

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amazon workout gear

In the age of the pandemic, home is paramount. After nearly two years of COVID dominating daily life, homes are so much more than places to rest in between busy schedules. For many, they're offices, day care centers, schools, restaurants, and even gyms.

Along with spurring many to begin working remotely, the pandemic led to an increase in people forgoing the gym for home workouts. The phenomenon has been well documented by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and recent studies, including one that found two in three Americans discovered they don't need a gym to stay in shape because of the pandemic. So instead of starting the new year with a gym membership, you might consider revamping your home workout setup with a few new pieces of exercise equipment.

Amazon is well stocked with customer-loved workout gear. It carries hundreds of products that have earned at least a four-star rating from happy reviewers, including many best-sellers and items from popular brands. For instance, you'll find an adjustable kettlebell from Bowflex that can be customized for different exercises, and a Gaiam yoga mat that you can use for Vinyasa flows and Pilates workouts.

While there are some big-ticket items, like indoor stationary bikes, that will cost you upwards of $100, other accessories, such as jump ropes and stretching straps, cost under $10. Best of all, many of the customer favorites happen to be on sale right now.

Whether you're just getting started on a new home workout routine or want to give your current setup an upgrade, Amazon has just about everything you could want to get your exercise in at home. Shop eight top-rated home gym essentials below to turn your living room, garage, or spare bedroom into a customized training center just for you.

Amazon Basics Adjustable Barbell Weight Set

barbell set

These adjustable dumbbell weights are ideal for small spaces. Rather than storing a collection of different weights, this set comes in a compact case with two 3-pound barbells, four 2.5-pound plates, and four 5-pound plates. All you have to do is slide on and secure your desired weight. "Perfect for quick at-home workouts," one reviewer said.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

yoga mat

For yoga, Pilates, stretching, and body-weight workouts, turn to this lightweight mat from Gaiam. It's 6 millimeters thick for cushioned support, and it has a nonslip texture to help you stay rooted in different poses. Choose from 40 colorful patterns and you'll be ready to start your at-home practice.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike

exercise bike

If you're looking for a no-frills indoor exercise bike at an affordable price, check out this stationary bike. It comes with a digital monitor to track your workout, caged pedals you can slip into with standard sneakers, an adjustable seat, and a resistance knob you can control. The bike usually costs $199, but it's on sale for $108 right now.

Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

jump rope

A jump rope offers a great way to do cardio at home without a large, expensive machine. This one is adjustable, so users can customize the length of the rope to fit their height. The handles are covered in nonslip foam, and the rope is made of a thick cable. Buy one while it's nearly half-off.

DeskCycle 2 Under-Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

under desk bike pedal

If you don't have space for a full-sized stationary bike at home or don't have time to use one, this small bike designed to fit underneath a desk is an unexpected alternative. Suitable for people 5'10" and under to use at home, the device has eight settings and a digital monitor.

"It fits nicely under my desk, and it's really easy to use," a shopper wrote. "I've been able to use it for 45 [minutes] to an hour at a time, and I've definitely noticed a difference. My legs are less stiff and I have more energy during the times of day when I used to drag."

Prosource Fit Resistance Bands

resistance bands

You don't necessarily need to stock up on traditional weights to get a solid strength workout at home. Resistance bands like these from Prosource Fit allow you to build muscle with varying degrees of tension. This set includes resistance equivalent to 2 to 20 pounds depending on the bands and how you use them. They come with large handles for comfort, heavy-duty latex designed to stretch without breaking, and an anchor piece to attach the bands to a door.

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell


This high-tech kettlebell is adjustable to fit a variety of exercises and strength levels. You can use a dial to change the resistance from as little as 8 pounds to as many as 40 pounds. Since it replaces up to eight kettlebells, it's extremely space-efficient. Plus, you'll get access to trainer-led videos when you make a purchase.

Trideer Yoga Stretching Strap

stretching strap

Deepen stretches with a little help from this simple strap with loops. It can help elevate your yoga practice, aid in physical therapy exercises, and enhance Pilates movements by providing users with a greater range of flexibility. With 4.8 out of five stars from Amazon shoppers, including those working to heal recent injuries and others who are new to stretching, it's proven to make a difference.

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