You've got to see it to believe it.

By Rachel Sylvester
November 21, 2019
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Contact wearers have a new lens to look forward to with the arrival of Warby Parker's first-ever daily contacts. Dubbed Scout by Warby Parker, the line of contacts is a first for the eyewear brand, which got its start in 2010 by selling prescription glasses online starting at just $95 a pair.

Fans of Warby Parker's affordable eyewear model won't be too surprised to learn that Scout aims to keep contact costs conveniently low for consumers. For a standard three-month supply of contacts, consumers can expect to spend $110 (for two 90 packs, one per eye)—a figure that breaks down to just $55 per eye, or less than $1.25 a day. Each compact pack is sustainable too: Every delivery box is made of plastic recycled from the lens production process.

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Comfortable contact lenses are a necessity, but each high-quality Scout lens is breathable and hydrating, too. That's because Scout contacts incorporate Centraform technology, which leads to a smoother edge. The result is a reduced feeling of the lens in your eye, so gone are the days of struggling to pop them in each and every morning. Another convenient design feature: Every lens is packed in a minimalist container that uses roughly 80-percent less packaging than traditional blister packs. They're stored facing up too, meaning you only have to touch the outer surface of the lens (keeping debris and gross bacteria at bay).

The brand also sells a variety of other contact lens brands, so you can shop for all of your eyewear needs on the same site. Not only are sunglasses, Scout contacts, and classic frames available online, but users can receive a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting at specific storefronts.

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Scout lenses are now available online at, and for a limited time, you can test out a 6-day trial pack for $5. If you like what you can actually see, you'll receive a $5 promo code that you can put toward a new pair of glasses, contacts, or whatever else catches your eye.

Scout by Warby Parker 

To buy: $5 for 6-day trial or $110 for 3-month supply (for both eyes);