It works for vitamins, too.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated May 15, 2017

Having trouble remembering if you took your medicine or not? Or maybe you forgot it all together? You’re not alone: “Approximately 50 percent of Americans taking prescription medication do not take their medication as prescribed,” according to a press release by Pillsy, a new gadget designed to solve that annoying problem.

The smart pill bottle, which debuted May 2, connects to an app via Bluetooth. After setup, the lid automatically tracks whenever the bottle is opened and, based on your preference, sends reminder notifications, SMS texts, or a call to your phone if you forget.

“I had the idea for Pillsy when I was having a difficult time getting in the habit of taking my first prescription, which was for an allergy medication. I started to talk to more people about my idea and realized that we’re addressing a very common and serious medical problem, even though it’s not something that most people talk about,” says Jeff LeBrun, cofounder.

The bottle comes in two sizes: The first fits standard medicine bottles and is child-resistant, the second twists onto vitamin bottles. (Each comes with a plastic container if you want to move your pills over). Pillsy can send alerts when you take multiple doses too quickly, too. Users can also choose to share this info with family members or other caregivers.

Even better, Pillsy is an approved product for HSA/FSA cards. Just use your HSA card at checkout.

To buy: $45 (promotional price through May);