Medicine Cabinet Essentials Checklist

Keep these supplies on hand to treat minor ailments―and to save yourself a late-night dash to the drugstore.

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For Pain, Headaches, and Fevers

  • Aspirin

  • Acetaminophen (such as Tylenol)

  • Ibuprofen (such as Advil and Motrin)

  • Thermometer

For Congestion, Colds, and Coughs

  • Cough medicine

  • Decongestant (such as Sudafed or Dristan)

  • Throat lozenges

For Allergies and Itching

  • Antihistamine (such as Benadryl)

  • Hydrocortisone cream (for persistent itching)

  • Calamine lotion

  • Eyedrops

For Digestive Issues

  • Antacids (in tablet or liquid form)

  • Antidiarrheal treatment

  • Laxatives

For Cuts and Burns

  • Gauze, bandages, and medical tape

  • Antiseptic for wound cleaning (such as hydrogen peroxide)

  • Antibiotic ointment for preventing infections from wounds

  • Aloe vera gel


  • Sunscreen

  • Antifungal creams (athlete's foot relief)

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