Hospital Stay Checklist

Whether you’re going for one night or more, here’s what you’ll need.

  1. Check


  2. Check

    Slippers with sticky soles to grip the slick hospital floors (flip-flops or sneakers also work)

  3. Check

    Clean underwear

  4. Check

    Pillow, marked with your name in indelible ink or with a distinctive pillowcase

  5. Check

    List of phone numbers of family and friends

  6. Check

    Pen and pad for noting questions or to keep a log of your medical care

  7. Check


  8. Check


  9. Check


  10. Check


  11. Check


  12. Check

    Essential toiletries (if you’re a contact-lens wearer, you may have to wear your glasses)

  13. Check

    Portable CD or MP3 player with relaxing music

  14. Check


  15. Check

    Crossword puzzles

  16. Check

    Deck of cards

  17. Check

    Eye mask

  18. Check


  19. Check

    $10 in cash (leave your jewelry and credit cards at home; theft is a risk in any public place, and hospitals are no exception)

  20. Check

    Insurance card

  21. Check

    Lab results or X-rays your doctor may have asked for