Including a hair tip, of course!

By Real Simple
Updated August 16, 2017

The actress formerly known as Rayna James (RIP) and Tami Taylor is known for dishing out great wisdom. So when we got the opportunity to sit down with Connie Britton during Heart Health Month, on behalf of Quaker, we wanted to hear what kind of health advice she’d have to offer. Her answers were unsurprisingly eloquent, approachable, and, of course, charming.

The insanely busy Britton, who says she’s a morning person, shared that, yes, oatmeal is often part of her morning routine with her six-year-old son, Eyob. A few of her hacks for making it more delicious, in addition to healthy: adding coconut oil for creaminess or almond milk and maple syrup. Because of her hectic schedule, she confessed that she doesn’t get as much sleep as she should—but focuses on compensating with the things she has a little more control over, such as working out when she can, eating healthfully, and meditating to counteract the negative effects of stress. And of course, no health conversation with Connie Britton would be complete without talking about her insanely healthy looking hair. How often does she actually wash it? “Maybe once or twice a week,” she says.

Watch some highlights from the conversation, and some of our favorite tips, above.