Crisis Coping

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How to Prepare Financially for a Natural Disaster
The unfortunate reality is that natural disasters are becoming an all-to-frequent and devastating part of life. Here's how to get your personal finances in order for such emergencies.
What Is Emotional Trauma? How Shifting Our Idea of Trauma Can Help Us Heal
A narrow perception of trauma can keep you from getting the support you need—here’s how to broaden your understanding of it.
How to Tell the Difference Between COVID-19 and Flu Symptoms (Because They Can Look Very Similar)
The doctors are in to help you learn the main differences, spot red flags, and prepare for the upcoming flu season.

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CDC Updates COVID-19 Guidance for Mask Wearing on Outdoor Transit Hubs, Public Transportation
The new guidelines apply to any outdoor transportation area, like outside an airport or a bus stop, as well as outdoor areas of public transportation, like the deck of a ferry or an open-air trolley.
How to Improve Your Credit Score Post-Pandemic

If last year wreaked havoc on your all-important three-digit credit score, here are six options for turning things around.