Dust and pollen allergies are often overlooked sources of sleep disruption. A few tips to help you make it through the night.

Bed and feather pillows
Credit: Andrew McCaul
  • Keep your bedroom well dusted and vacuumed (let every sneeze remind you to get that done). Wash curtains as well as bedding.
  • Many people are slightly allergic to feathers and down, so look into allergen-resistant bedding.
  • Use an air purifier to reduce dust and pollen. (It can also double as a white-noise machine, blocking out bothersome bumps and woofs in the night.)
  • Use a humidifier in winter to fight scratchy skin and respiratory ailments; and air conditioner or dehumidifier in summer, when heat makes it hard to sleep.
  • Some people are sensitive to harsh-smelling cleaning supplies―like ammonia and bleach―and highly scented detergents. Check out unscented and environmentally friendly options, like Earth Friendly Products or Naturally Yours.