This spiky plant can do more than just soothe your crispy skin.

By Maddy Sims
Updated June 22, 2017

Best known as the goo that you slather all over your sunburned skin, aloe vera is a summer staple for just about everyone. But there are lots of different ways to use this plant aside from healing some extra sun damage. Here, our favorite ways to use the green plant beyond the bathroom after your sunning session.

Science Photo Library/Getty Images


If your tresses are in serious need of some hydration, dermatologist Mona Gohara says that aloe vera can be a good option. “Some of the proteins, minerals, and amino acids may act as a good hair conditioner,” she says. “Leaving it in may decrease inflammation in the scalp.” Gohara recommends using it a day or two after getting hair colored to repair any damage done to your mane. Be sure to wash thoroughly after using it to make sure there's no buildup left behind.


Got leftover mascara from yesterday on your face? Try out aloe vera gel as a gentle way to clean it off for good. The gel will lift away stubborn makeup and hydrate your skin in the process. Gohara says to be careful if you have eczema, though, as aloe can cause a flare. “It can be a common allergen, believe it or not,” she says.


For a natural DIY eyebrow product, try swiping some aloe gel onto your brows with a clean mascara wand. The gel is gentle and will give you a flexible hold, but it will make sure that your hairs stay in place. Since aloe vera gel is super hydrating and conditioning, your brows will be extra soft and feathery after you use it.


Need to spruce up your outdoor (or indoor) plant collection, but not sure your gardening chops are up to par? Aloe is a super low-maintenance choice, as you can grow an entire plant from just one leaf. The desert plant is also great for those who can’t remember to water plants or have to be out of town a lot—it can go weeks without being watered and still look fresh as ever. Plus, with your own supply right outside, you'll have plenty of product to help with your hair, brows, makeup, and, yes, your sunburn.