As a Shopping Writer, This Showerhead Is Easily My Favorite Product Ever—and It Just Got a Spa-Like Upgrade

Hint: It involves aromatherapy.

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Hai Fuse Tout

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As a professional reviewer, friends and family often ask me what my all-time favorite product is. My go-to recommendation, nine times out of 10, is the Hai showerhead. While I’ve tried and loved a lot of products, my definition of luxury is something that significantly elevates and improves a daily ritual—a task which the Hai showerhead fulfills to a tee. You spend over three months of your life showering (around 156,000 minutes, according to the brand), so why not make it an experience that relaxes and invigorates you?

Right off the bat, it’s expensive, but no other product has given me the same return on investment. I’ve recommended this showerhead so often that it’s become associated with me; I get texts from acquaintances asking about it. So when Hai announced an upgrade to the appliance launching January 25—an in-shower aromatherapy infusion system—I was beside myself with glee. When traveling for several months at a time, I’ve literally brought the appliance in my carry-on. Now, it’s a necessity for me, and this latest launch only boosts the power it has over my well-being.

Hai Fuse


To buy: $49;

An add-on to the iconic smart showerhead, the Fuse is a device that screws onto your Hai (or any handheld showerhead, although it works best with the original brand.) You add an infusions tablet—for sale by Hai—to the gadget, and the Infusions system delivers high-quality, aromatherapeutic formulas directly into the shower’s weather stream. I used to hang eucalyptus in my shower for some spa vibes, but Hai Infusions allow you to switch out your tablets in accordance with your desired benefits, so it’s more customizable. 

An energy tablet contains mandarin, multivitamins, and caffeine to give your skin (and your mood!) a glowing boost. A relax tablet contains lavender, sandalwood, and vitamin B12 to help you wind down. The repair tablet—let’s just say it would feel incredible on a sunburn. As a self-professed geek about scents and conditioning, I love that you can now customize your shower. After all, morning showers and night showers just feel different. And in accordance with Hai’s sustainability mission, the tablets come packaged in 100-percent dissolvable pouches that disappear with your shower steam.

Energy boost infusion


To buy: $24 for 16 with subscription;

The Hai showerhead is packed with features to the extent that it feels almost like too much: Do you really need a Bluetooth showerhead? An accompanying app tracks your water usage, customizable LED lights signal to you when your water is hot and when you’ve spent too long under the stream (with the aim of reducing households’ water consumption), a sliding controller adjusts pressure and spray, and a handheld nozzle allows you flexibility for the ultimate clean. You can pick between WaterSense flow, an eco-efficient design that also improves low water pressure, and regular flow, depending on your location. The showerhead also comes in six stylish colors: mustard yellow, red-orange, pink, white, blue, and charcoal.

Despite the intensity of its offerings, it’s user-friendly enough that my 87-year-old grandmother used it for a post-hospital spell when her mobility was challenged, and my family appreciated that she loved it so much. While the brand claims it’s easy-install, I’ve had my troubles with changing it from showerhead to showerhead, but that’s never stopped me (or my family, who occasionally steals it for tasks like bathing toddlers and dogs.) While initially frustrating, I quickly learned how to troubleshoot, and online videos were helpful. Now, I can do it rather quickly.

Citron hai smart showerhead


To buy: $199 (was $249);

I personally champion the Hai showerhead most for its luxurious mist setting. The humidity makes me feel like I’m at the spa, and the decadent spray unwinds me. The physical impact of a shower is just about the only thing that can viscerally relax me, and the Hai showerhead amplified its ability to reduce my tension and allow me a few minutes’ reprieve from my day. Although it’s expensive off the bat, that quality in itself is worth the money to me, as the cost-per-use (or rather, cost-per-joy) has been phenomenal. I’m looking forward to experiencing the vitamin and essential oil benefits of the Infusions system.

For the new launch, Hai is offering a limited-time 25-percent-off discount on both its standalone showerhead and full Infusions showerhead bundle. Join me in dramatically improving those hundreds of thousands of minutes of your life, and buy the smart showerhead that I’ve loved for the past two years. You may find yourself talking about it as much as I do—okay, nearly.

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