This Shower Squeegee With 12,700 Five-Star Ratings ‘Works Like Magic’ to Remove Water and Grime

It has an ergonomic design and a silicone blade that won’t scratch glass or tile.

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Shower Squeegee for Glass Doors

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There aren’t too many people who enjoy doing household chores, especially when they involve cleaning the bathroom. One area that’s particularly tricky to tidy is your shower walls. But there’s a simple solution to make this process quick and effective, and Amazon shoppers say it lies with this popular shower squeegee

The Gütewerk Shower Squeegee has an ergonomic design that makes it an ideal tool to clean tile and glass inside your shower. And you don’t have to worry about the squeegee scratching your surfaces because the blade is made from soft silicone that’s equipped to “easily” remove “soap, water drops, and limescale” without leaving any streaks behind. The cleaning gadget has 12,700 perfect ratings and nearly 2,600 five-star reviews, and shoppers say it works.

Shower Squeegee for Glass Doors


To buy: $36;

“[It] Leaves no marks, smoothly glides over the glass; most importantly, it doesn’t make that annoying squeaking noise,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I have gone through squeegee after squeegee, and this product is a giant step above all the rest,” said another shopper

Not only is the squeegee effective at removing water and grime, but it’s also simple to use and store. The core of the squeegee is made from rust-free stainless steel, which offers stability and durability, according to the brand. Plus, the squeegee comes with two ways to hang it inside your shower: a silicone holder that simply slips onto the top of your shower door and a stainless steel hook that adheres to a shower wall through suction in three quick steps without any tools (loosen the screw, push the hook against the wall to activate the suction, and tighten the screw). 

“This squeegee is perfect for shower stall glass and tile. It is all one piece, so there are no crevices for mold or mildew to grow in, and it works very well,” shared a shopper who appreciates not having to use harsher cleaning products “as often.” Another customer who titled their review: “It works like magic” added, “I wanted something that would hang in the shower that was both functional and pleasing to the eye. Bingo!”

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to keep soap scum, limescale, and stains out of your shower, get the job fast with a Gütewerk Squeegee.

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