This Is the Only Bread Pan I’m Using for My Annual Fall Recipes—and It Comes in Multiple Colors

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Great Jones

Baking pumpkin bread is my most well-loved fall tradition. Nothing makes it feel more like the season than the warm, sweet scent of pumpkin batter filling the air. Whenever I’ve moved for the season—to college, a fresh city, a different time zone—my pumpkin bread tradition brings me a sense of home. This year, in yet another new apartment, the first item I tracked down was a bread pan.

Normally, I have no qualms about picking out whatever containers are available at the grocery store, but when I saw the new colorways from beloved bakeware brand Great Jones, I did a double take. I had an immediate and massive crush on the ceramic Breadwinner loaf pan in Raspberry. The vibrant fuschia shade appealed to my rainbow-centric maximalism, and that extra pop of color added even more joy to my seasonal ritual. When Great Jones sent me the bread pan to test—as if I needed an excuse—I double checked my mailbox for days. 


Great Jones

To buy: $28;

When the Breadwinner arrived, I was impressed by its sturdy quality. It’s made of aluminized steel and feels much heavier than a regular pan (but less weighty than a cast-iron.) Corrugated grooves on the bottom of the pan add some extra nonsticking power to an already nonstick construction of aluminized steel. The pan itself is 8.5- inches long, 4.5-inches wide, and 2.7- inches tall. 

On a purely aesthetic basis, Great Jones does such an incredible job with richly pigmented colors. Anything from its line makes a stylish statement piece for the kitchen, and I appreciate that it’s scratch resistant and dishwasher-friendly, although the brand recommends handwashing to ensure longevity.

Then came the ultimate test: the actual pumpkin bread. This loaf pan is oven-safe up to 450 degrees, so it’s perfectly fine to pop in the oven for the hour-plus that it takes the bread  to bake. To test its nonstick qualities, I didn’t use oil or cooking spray. While extracting the bread itself to replate, the loaf came out easily without any creative knife workarounds. Normally, I have to pry a lot more and the bread still ends up crumbling slightly. As for my final result: it had been evenly heated throughout the loaf. The inside of the loaf was melt-in-my-mouth delicious, while the crust was satisfyingly crispy. That texture—yum! 

The effective design of the Breadwinner loaf pan from Great Jones made it an undoubtable success for me. It’s a pan that I’ll use all winter long, and can’t wait to test it out with my mom’s signature pound cake recipe.  While pricier than other bread pans, its conversation-sparking color aligns with my decor style and adds extra delight to a favorite ritual. Its quality feel also makes me believe it would make an excellent gift, especially for new adults or any home chef who’s difficult to shop for. The Raspberry’s currently available for preorder, and will ship in November, while the now-available Blueberry and Broccoli shades are equally gorgeous, and are sure to bake just as well. 

I’m already excited to use it next year—and throughout the seasons, for pound cakes, banana breads, and more.

Head to Great Jones to shop this striking bakeware now.

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