This Gravity Weighted Eye Mask Is the $30 Solution I Found to Getting Peaceful, Undisturbed Sleep

It blocks out all the light, so you can sleep better, longer.

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Gravity Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask Tout

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Hi, I’m Sanah, and I’m a notoriously light sleeper. OK, so my light sleeping may not call for a group intervention, but it’s pretty darn bad. And my number one arch nemesis? Light. I’ve tried sleeping with my face in the pillow, pulling the covers over my head—but really, nothing made me feel comfortable enough to drift asleep. But one year ago, I discovered this weighted sleep mask that truly changed everything, and it’s an essential part of my bedtime routine. 

You may know Gravity Blankets for their weighted throws, which are great for relaxing under and calming stress. You can thank its comfortably heavy design for providing that deep pressure stimulation, which leaves you feeling comforted and at ease, according to the Sleep Foundation. Well, that same gentle pressure applies to the Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask, and it’s so amazing, I’ve used it for over a year.

Gravity Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask


To buy: $30;

The eye mask is designed with tiny glass beads inside that are easily dispersed throughout and provides a nice weight (about 1 pound) which I love. Once I put the mask on, it gently forces my eyes closed and blocks out all the light. And when I say all, I mean it’s complete darkness under there. It’s a nice change from other masks I’ve tried that let light peek through around the nose area.

And while the mask doesn’t have sectioned off squares for even distribution, like weighted blankets do, I find it easy to spread little beads with my fingers to position them on top of my eyes. That way, I can truly take in the light pressure that feels like a gentle hug—just for my eyes.

I’m also very impressed with the mask’s case, which is made with a soft fleece material. It feels nice on my skin, doesn’t rub, or chafe, and I love that it doesn’t soak up my skincare either. But when it’s time to wash, I can remove the exterior and toss it in the wash. 

The mask also comes with an adjustable velcro strap in the back, which lets me customize the size to fit my petite head. And get this: It does not fall off. That means I’m actually sleeping longer, even with my nightlights on, even when the sun rises—I am still fast asleep until my alarm goes off. Let me tell you, it’s a glorious feeling to wake up feeling refreshed.  

Anyone who has yet to find an eye mask that’s soothing and light-blocking needs to check out this Gravity weighted eye mask. It was the $30 solution to my restless problem, and I’m never going to sleep without it.  

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