Gardeners Say This Handy Weeding Tool Saves Their Back—and It’s Only $40

The best-seller has 25,900 five-star ratings.

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Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool TOUT

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One of the exciting things about the coming weeks is it marks a return to gardening for many outdoor enthusiasts. But spring also means it’s time to keep the weeds at bay again. Traditional weed removal can do a number on your back, but Amazon shoppers have found a popular solution thanks to this helpful $40 gardening tool

With 25,900 perfect ratings and 6,800 five-star reviews, it’s no surprise that Grampa’s Weeder is the top-seller in Amazon’s Manual Weeders category. It features a 45-inch handle and a steel four-piece claw, which allows you to stand comfortably to remove weeds rather than bending to complete the same task. Another benefit: Chemical-free weed removal that’s safe for pets and kids. 

Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle


To buy: $40;

“This thing does exactly what it’s intended to do! [It] pulls out any kind of weed effortlessly,” wrote a five-star reviewer. They said the weeder “feels sturdy and well built” and added: “I had neighbors asking me where to get one!” Another shopper titled their review “Best weed pulling device for my back,” and said they “absolutely recommend” it. 

A similar tool first debuted in 1913, according to the brand, but production ceased when resources were diverted. Once the Grampa’s Weeder team discovered the tool and determined how easy it was to use, they decided to modernize it and restart production in 1999 in order for today’s gardeners to enjoy it. 

The key to experiencing positive results lies with using the handle and claw together: “All you need to do is thrust the metal claw into the center of the weed and tilt the bamboo long handle to pry the weed out,” notes the brand. Of course, ground that is a little wet helps too. 

“There’s a really good reason this 100+ year old tool is still around: It works as advertised. One of the easiest weeders I’ve ever used,” said a reviewer. “I’m a mechanical engineer and I love how simple but effective this tool really is. It works great on anything with deep roots, not just dandelions,” added another shopper

Rather than risking hurting your back or spending any time on your hands and knees, pick up the $40 Grampa’s Weeder at Amazon for a more upright gardening experience. 

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