Your two childhood favorites just got married and had a baby.

By Ananda Eidelstein
June 29, 2018
© Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Whose childhood memories do not include keeping an overzealous ear out for the Good Humor ice cream truck? If you were the kid who ran up to ask for a Strawberry Shortcake pop, prepare for your actual day to be made. Good Humor has teamed up with Nabisco to create Oreo's most exciting collaboration yet: Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Flavored Oreo Cookies–and we just found out they'll be on shelves on July 2!

Junkbanter, reviewer of new and rare snacks, first posted the delicious news on Instagram live from the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago in May. 

Oreo is no newcomer to mashups. This year we’ve seen the introduction of new flavors like Peeps Oreos, Waffle & Syrup Oreos, Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos (an office favorite), and the infamous Firework Oreo (filled with Pop Rocks!).

And us here in the Real Simple Test Kitchen are no newcomers to making desserts with Oreos, as seen in these easy-peasy crispy treats, tucked into these cheesecake brownies, and even as the crust to this no-bake chocolate mousse pie.

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Truly, we can’t contain our excitement for these nostalgia Oreos that are about to come at us. Find us soaking up the sun with a bag of these on hand. "Ma, milk!".