Glossier Just Launched a Natural Deodorant, and It Comes in Fan-Favorite Scent ‘Glossier You’

You can also get it in Orange Blossom Neroli, Sandstone, or an unscented option.

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If you’re into beauty products—or even if you’re not—you’ve probably heard of Glossier’s uber popular perfume, Glossier You. With notes of pink pepper, iris, ambrette seeds, and ambrox, the scent is spicy, woodsy, floral, and fresh. But what makes the fan-favorite so special is that it reacts with the oils on your skin, so it smells slightly different on everyone, making it a truly personal fragrance. And now Glossier has launched the scent as a deodorant.

The deodorant is natural, vegan, and environmentally-friendly. The stick comes in a recyclable, reusable case, so when you’re finished with it, you just need to buy a refill. Formulated without aluminum, baking soda, exfoliating acids, or water, it’s non-irritating for sensitive skin, and it won’t disrupt the pH level of your underarms. Plus, it lasts all day without having to reapply. In a study of 33 participants, 96 percent of people said that their underarms felt “clean and fresh,” as well as “smoother, softer, nourished, and conditioned,” at the end of the day. 



To buy: $22;

Not only is the deodorant aluminum-free, but it also has skin-conditioning ingredients like coconut oil to leave your skin feeling soft. It contains magnesium hydroxide, which is a natural remedy for preventing odor-causing bacteria, and potato starch to absorb moisture, too. Along with Glossier You, the brand launched two other scents: Orange Blossom Neroli with notes of pear, mandarin, and cypress; and Sandstone, with notes of sandalwood, clary sage, and fig leaf. You can also choose an unscented version if you don’t want any fragrance. 

Although the deodorant only launched recently, there are already several five-star reviews from shoppers. One reviewer said the Glossier You scent pairs well with the rest of the skincare line, adding, “I have super sensitive underarms and usually opt for a serum-based deodorant, but this didn’t irritate me at all. [It] also kept my body odor at bay.” Another shopper who has tried many aluminum-free deodorants in search of their perfect formula said that the deodorant is the only non-aluminum option that they “truly loved.” 

If you prefer natural, non-irritating deodorant, you should check out Glossier’s new deodorant, available for $22. It’s especially great for fans of Glossier You—you can pick up a stick to complement your perfume. 

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