Seasonal Allergies? The Air Purifier That Provides a ‘Noticeable Difference Almost Immediately’ Is 52% Off

Pollen, pet dander, and dust—be gone.

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Germ Guardian Desktop Air Purifier for Home,

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Surprise! The first day of spring is officially here. And while the warmer season is bringing sunshine and flowers, we’re also experiencing pollen and allergies, just to name a few. If you want to avoid the itchy eyes and consecutive sneezing, it might be time to invest in an air purifier. And this popular desktop option from GermGuardian is 52 percent off right now. 

The GermGuardian Desktop Air Purifier is the compact cleaning must-have that thousands of Amazon shoppers obsess over. In fact, the spring essential has earned more than 4,300 five-star ratings to date from some people who call it a “powerhouse” while others dub it a “must-have for allergies.”

Germ Guardian Desktop Air Purifier for Home,


To buy: $50 (was $105);

The compact air purifier works with a HEPA filter to suck in and trap tiny particles in your home that cause you to sneeze and wheeze, including pet dander, dust bunnies, and mold. According to the brand, the filter is so powerful, it can remove 99.7 percent of floating germs and debris as minuscule as .3 microns. 

And shoppers wholeheartedly feel its effects; one person even said they saw a “noticeable difference almost immediately” and continued to say, “It’s crazy to see how much dirt ends up in these filters. I noticed I don’t wake up with a stuffy nose anymore.”

It’s ideal for small spaces or medium-sized rooms up to 78 square feet. It’s why reviewers use it at their work desk, their bedside table, and even in the kitchen. Why the kitchen? This pick is designed with a charcoal filter with a knack for pulling in strong odors, too. Think smells from strong curries, fish, garlic, and more. 

Whether you’re zapping out food odors or pollen, the GermGuardian is great to customize your air purifying experience; it has a minimalistic dial with three speeds, depending on how much help you need. And one of those options is a quiet sleep mode shoppers claim sounds akin to a soothing white noise, making it a two-in-one bedtime sound machine.  

“This thing is quiet,” wrote one person who has both asthma and allergies. They even said, “[It] gives a bit of white noise (feels like ASMR). It honestly helps me sleep for that reason, too.” 

Another shopper who gave the GermGuardian a perfect five-star rating wrote, “Within just a few minutes, you start to feel and smell the difference” and swears that “every home, office, and business needs one of these units in every room.” 

And one last reviewer who has been using the air purifier for five years wrote, “Even when I was in a brand new apartment, I could leave this thing in a room with the door closed and come back to a room with air that smelled and felt cleaner than the rest of the house.”

Want to breathe in truly fresh air without breaking the bank? Scoop up the GermGuardian air purifier while it’s more than half off at Amazon now. 

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