Tick Off Your Spring Cleaning Checklist With These Genius Amazon Finds—All Under $40

You’ll find Bissell vacuums, Rubbermaid electric scrubbers, and more starting at $6.

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Genius Amazon Spring Cleaning Finds Tout


Cleaning your home is probably a weekly affair that consists of vacuuming, mopping, and the like. But ask yourself: How thorough are you cleaning? That’s why doing a total deep cleaning sweep of your entire home is 100 percent necessary—especially in the spring when pollen, dust, and mud find their way inside. If you’re not sure what should be on your spring cleaning checklist, we’ve got you covered with some of the best online gadgets at a cheap price. 

Spring cleaning traditionally revolved around scrubbing, polishing, and generally breaking a sweat. But we’re in the modern age where there are tools that can do the hard work for you, or at least make it easier for you to manage. 

Skeptical? Don’t be: Amazon shoppers swear by these products, which is why so many of the picks on our list are hiding within this Customers’ Most-Loved Section. We’re talking items from Bissell, Rubbermaid, and more—all under $40. 

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber Home Kit


Forget the elbow grease: This power scrubber kit from Rubbermaid will literally scrub surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond. This pack comes with a battery-powered handle plus six brush and pad attachments to remove soap scum, stained grout, and water marks—just push the power button and watch it get to work. Shoppers love the big bristle brush to clean large surfaces like shower walls while others swear by the grout brush that removes years-old grime. 

To buy: $30; amazon.com.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

Stardrops The Pink Stuff The Miracle Cleaning Paste


This Amazon best-seller is so popular, it has racked in more than 119,200 five-star ratings from shoppers who say it “can clean just about anything.” This beloved cleaning paste is known for getting calcium stains off kitchen sinks, baked-on grease off pots and pans, water marks off shower doors, and even dirty car rims. People who clean professionally even use it. A little bit of paste goes a long way, but at just $6 a pop, you can afford to apply a generous amount while cleaning. 

To buy: $6; amazon.com.

Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner


Sometimes no amount of cleaning will get your home truly, well, clean. That’s where this Bissell steam cleaner comes in. The Amazon best-seller uses extremely hot steam and handy brush attachments to blast off grime and grout stains in every area of your home. Not only does it make surfaces look brand new, but according to the brand, the Bissell gadget also sanitizes, too. It comes with three circular scrubbing brushes as well as a scraper tool that’s ideal for inside kitchen appliances, grout tools, and a concentrator attachment that targets stubborn spots. 

To buy: $36; amazon.com.

Joymoop Mop and Bucket Set

JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set


Anyone using a wring mop knows how messy the whole ordeal can be. This clever mop and bucket set is the upgrade you’ve been looking for. It uses a standard flat mop with a microfiber pad to clean sticky messes and stuck-on debris, however, what sets it apart is the bucket that has a scraping compartment to remove gunk and excess water in a few swipes. It’s thin enough to get under furniture and has a 360-degree rotation head to maneuver around corners. 

To buy: $32 with coupon (was $40); amazon.com.

Baseboard Buddy Baseboard and Molding Cleaning Tool

Baseboard Buddy


One of the most annoying areas to clean would probably be the baseboards. They usually have various dips in the design and require you to bend down, potentially straining your back. But leave it to Amazon shoppers to find a cleaning hack to end all cleaning hacks. The Baseboard Buddy is designed with a long handle and has a flexible, grooved head that attaches to a fluffy pad on the bottom—that contoured shape strategically captures dust and dirt on the molding and trim. And you can do the cleaning all while standing up. 

To buy: $25; amazon.com.

Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier

LEVOIT Core Mini Air Purifier


Making your home tidy is one thing, but to truly clean all the areas of your space, tackling the air in your bedroom, living room, and beyond is a must. This compact Levoit air purifier is a top pick because it can pull in those pesky pollen and dust particles via three built-in filters, including the coveted HEPA filter. You’ll also love that its carbon filter traps odors, too, like say delicious, but smell-lingering foods. Shoppers confirm it is quiet and love that they can even add essential oils for an aromatic experience.

To buy: $40 with coupon (was $50); amazon.com

Bissell FeatherWeight Lightweight Stick Vacuum

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum


While having a heavy-duty vacuum is important, chances are you hate lugging it around, which is why you need a lightweight option as well. This Bissell stick vacuum cleaner is a popular option with more than 62,800 five-star ratings to date from people who say it delivers superb suction to pick up everything including dirt, crumbs, and dust bunnies. One person even said they were “shocked at how powerful” this device is. While it certainly cleans floors, the vacuum can also be converted into a handheld to clean stairs, crevices in sofas, and more.

To buy: $34; amazon.com.

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