Fun Things to Do on Valentine's Day, No Matter How You're Celebrating

Whether you're planning Valentine's Day activities for you and your spouse, your entire family, your favorite friends, or solo, try these ideas for V-Day fun.


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Valentine's Day is about more than just romance—it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate anyone you love. So even if you aren't part of a couple, you can find wonderful things to do on Valentine's Day that celebrate your family, friends—or hey, just you. (You deserve a little self-care too!)

With Valentine's Day 2023 falling squarely in the middle of the week, you may not have all day to plan (or enjoy) an elaborate celebration, but there are plenty of low-effort, but super-fun things to do on Valentine's Day that'll make the day special for you and your favorite people.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Couples

Don't want to deal with the restaurant crowds for a traditional Valentine's Day dinner out? There are a ton of great ideas of things to do for Valentine's Day at home—or consider one of these options to make your day special.

Show some appreciation for your mate

According to Ken Page, LCSW, relationship expert and host of the Deeper Dating Podcast, sharing some specifics about what you really love about your partner can be an incredibly romantic gesture. "Think about times in your relationship when you felt a lot of love for your partner," Page says. "Think about one quality you love and value, that really makes you feel like they’re your home in the world, and describe it in detail in your Valentine's Day card. Or share the quality they have that you most admire. Just doing that changes the entire tenor of valentine’s day and your relationship."

Try something new (and a little scary) together

"Research shows that doing something that makes you both a little nervous and scared brings couples together," Page says. Whether that's taking a ballroom dancing class, trying a new cuisine together, hitting an escape room, or taking the stage for a karaoke duet, that excitement will spill over into the rest of your relationship,

Let someone else plan a perfect date night

If you're short on time to plan something to do on Valentine's Day, leave it to the experts. There are a slew of great date box services out there that will plan an activity, a soundtrack, and something to eat or drink—like and The Adventure Box. Or opt for activity boxes that suit a particular passion, whether it's true crime, cooking, or crafts. (Cratejoy is a good place to start your search.)

Play games

Make getting more personal and closer a lot more fun with one of the many new card games aimed at couples. Page recommends working your way through the 36 questions for falling in love (even if you've already been in love for a while) to help you build a deeper bond. (Or go ahead and pull out some of your favorite board games for an epic game night—with perhaps a little strip Monopoly?)

Things to Do on Valentine's Day When You're Single

Flying solo on Valentine's Day can be just as fun as being coupled. Whether you opt to get together with some other singles to celebrate each other—or just relax on your own—there are plenty of ways to make the day fun.

Act like a kid on Valentine's Day

"If you remember when you were little, you would send mini valentines to all the kids in the class," Page says. "There’s something really wise about that—the more you give, the better you feel inside." He suggests sending out Valentine's Day messages (via text, cards, or small gifts) to all the people you love in your life, to help make their day—and yours.  

Splurge on yourself

There's nothing wrong with a little (or a lot!) of self love on Valentine's Day. So go ahead and splurge on your favorite chocolates, get that big bouquet of flowers, draw yourself a decadent bubble bath, and enjoy.

Find ways to add a little positivity (even if you're definitely not feeling it)

If you're single and you don't want to be, Valentine's Day can be a tough day. But you can find ways to turn the holiday around. Perhaps you'll want to watch an anti-Valentine's Day movie, or find a way to celebrate your bad relationships—like a bold woman who went on a doughnut shop crawl with a few friends to mark all of her bad relationships. "Find something you can do to transmute the negativity a little bit," Page says.

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day has been a recent entrant into the Valentine's Day celebration. Generally celebrated on February 13th, it's a day to focus on the female friendships in your life, as invented by Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. (Try some of these fun Galentine's Day cocktails to spice up your day.)

Host a get-together

Gather your gals for a fun night together, whether you opt to go out or stay in. It can be as simple as dessert and drinks to reduce the stress on you (without losing an ounce of fun). You can choose a fun activity to do, whether it's playing games, hiring a pro to entertain or teach (we're thinking a tarot card reader, a mixologist, or a yoga instructor would be cool), or planning a friends-centric binge fest. (Don't worry: We have a few suggestions if you're looking for the perfect movie for a girls-only movie night.)

Give out some Galentine's Day gifts

Let your favorite ladies know you're thinking about them by sharing a little something that'll mark the occasion. (We have a few great Galentine's Day gift ideas if you're stumped.)

Plan a spa day

Your favorite gals (and you) definitely deserve a little self care. You can book a group date to your local spa; hire a mobile masseuse, manicurist, or aesthetician to come to your place; or go ahead and whip up some all-natural homemade masks that you can apply for an at-home spa day.

Reunite with old friends

Galentine's Day is the perfect time to reconnect with friends you haven't seen or chatted with in a while. Take the time for a brief check-in with a favorite pal, or plan a Zoom call to connect your college roommates or your high school crew. (Even just a quick text to let them know you're thinking about them can really make their day.)

Things to Do on Valentine's Day With Your Family

You don't have to leave your kids out of the lovey-dovey fun! While they're probably having a Valentine's Day celebration at school, you can find more ways to bring them joy (even if it's just celebrating the day with a small Valentine's Day gift). Look for activities that bring everyone a little closer together.

Get creative together

Let your kids DIY their valentines for friends at school and relatives (what grandparent wouldn't treasure a homemade valentine?), or work on a larger craft like a collage of all the people who are important in their life, Page says.

Find ways to spread the joy

Who couldn't use a little more happiness on Valentine's Day? "Find activities that invoke a feeling of love with your kids," Page says. "That could be doing volunteer work like working in a soup kitchen together, or writing letters to loved ones together."

Give them their own celebration

Even if you're planning your own date night, you could do something special with them beforehand. Treat them to favorite meal, have a Valentine's themed dance party, or make a fun treat to enjoy together. (We adore these mini desserts!)

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