I Normally Hate Long Walks, but These Comfy Arch Support Insoles Keep Me Going for Miles

I’ve been walking in them for months.

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Fulton The Classic Insole Tout

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My dad goes for a 10-ish mile walk every day, and I did not inherit that gene. I’ll walk to a coffee shop or to an errand, sure, and enjoy meandering around a city; however, I’ve never enjoyed “a long walk” for the sake of it, even during the stasis of the pandemic. As a runner, I find the pace frustrating regardless of its benefits: A long walk makes me feel sore afterwards, and it lacks the cadence and endorphins that makes me feel fully satisfied with my activity. While I’d still call myself a reluctant walker, adding inserts—like these arch support insoles from Fulton—has gone a long way in reducing my discomfort and actually letting me enjoy the process of achieving my step count.

Fulton was established by a couple experiencing back and foot pain after movement, and created to destroy the normality of hurting after being on the go. There was no reason why they, two healthy adults in New York City, should ache so much, and realized ultimately it was because their shoes lacked proper support. Thus, they began Fulton as a sustainable arch-support option to rebuild wellness “from the ground up.” 

The brand currently offers two products and a bundle option: the Classic Insole, for everyday wear, and the Athletic Insole for high-impact activity and performance. (And they’re both on sale for 20 percent off.) Fulton let me test its Classic Insole, but I slid it into my sneaker with minimal expectations. Could it turn a non-walker into a walker?

Fulton The Classic Insole


To buy: $48 (was $60); walkfulton.com.

Keep in mind that the Classic Insole did take a while to break in. At first, my shoe felt smaller and annoying because the insert itself was very stiff and noticeable. (I realized shortly after I was supposed to replace my sole rather than layer it, which had been my own fault.) Still, the doctor-designed insert didn’t require trimming or custom fitting to mold to my shoe, even once I got it right. 

Each insert is handcrafted from cork, and should—according to the brand—last just as long as the shoes do. As a gal who plans to hold onto street sneakers and boots for years at a time, the cost-per-use is comforting. Do note that these inserts are intended for use in regular width shoes, so they may not be your best bet if you opt for wide sizes. If you’re between sizes, you should size up.

Fulton The Athletic Insole


To buy: $48 (was $60); walkfulton.com.

Each insole supports feet ranging from flat to high arches, and even includes a cooling cotton top-layer to avoid overheating. Best of all, as a shopper who values sustainability, the plant-based Fulton insoles are engineered to be carbon-negative, and are handcrafted in Porto, Portugal.

As a walking skeptic, I didn’t find myself saying “yes” far more frequently when my dad would ask me to join him on his 7 a.m. trek in 90-degree weather—but I did enjoy it more when I did go. The effect for me was subtle, as I hadn’t suffered from any obvious pains, but I noticed I had more energy and less fatigue after midday walks, perhaps thanks to Fulton’s realignment promises. If it makes me commit to more one-on-one time with my dad during his second-favorite activity (first is golf), I’m all for the buy. 

It takes about 30 miles total for your Fultons to custom-mold to your feet. To me, that seems high, but to the avid power-walker (like my dad), you could knock out that mileage in a few days. I previously used the same sneakers for both running and walking, but I’d likely opt for the Athletic Insole for my runs instead, so I now keep the pairs separate. The Athletic Insoles offer stability and security intended to absorb shock and reduce fatigue—which I’m itching to try during my marathon training process. 

I mostly appreciate the everyday insoles for running errands and being on the go. If you’re an avid walker or just constantly in motion, you’ll love that the Fulton insoles oh-so-gradually seem to improve the way your body feels after a long day—especially if you’re in shoes that are cute but not entirely functional! I’m hoping to swap out some soles in my boots for long days on my feet, and find myself reaching for my walking sneakers more than I would otherwise. 

Act now to snag the Fulton insoles for yourself while they’re 20 percent off.

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