11 Chic French Hairstyles That Are Universally Loved

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When I moved from New York City to Paris 6 months ago, I fell in love with the chic, effortless-looking hair of French women. It seems I'm not the only one obsessed with French-inspired haircuts either. Uber-short bobs, choppy pixies, and blunt bangs are not only scattered across the streets of Paris, they’re universally loved too. “The French love the natural, so obtaining French hair is about finding styles that evolve well over time while honoring the structure of the face and the texture of the hair,” says Yoann Bourquin, French hairstylist and owner of BOL Marseille.

Although French beauty may sometimes seem intimidating, these styles can work for any hair type and texture, and be styled by hairstylists around the world.  If you're ready to access your inner French it-girl, here are 11 French-inspired haircuts from celebrity hairstylists and French influencers to try for your next chop.

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The Extra-Short Bob

“The bob remains a classic for French women,” Bourquin says, especially this hyper-French short bob. A cut just below the ear lets you lean into the effortless, spending less time doing your hair and more time on Parisian pursuits like mysteriously sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe. This bob is perfect for those who want to make a statement without having to spend a lot of time on it. To keep this style chic and healthy, Bourquin recommends cutting your hair every 3 to 4 months and using organic hair care products. 

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Ear-Skimming Bob

The extra-short bob isn’t one-size-fits-all either. Experimenting with a French-inspired, ear skimming bob is chic on all hair types and textures, like this gorgeous cut done by Elaine of Tight Curl Nation.

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Mid-Length Bob with Bangs

Not ready for a chop that big? Stylist Chelsea Wolberg has your back with this gorgeous neck-length banged bob. To achieve what Wolberg describes as the “perfectly undone” vibe of French hair, she worked with her client Amy Berryman’s hair texture, instead of against it. The cut retains its French charm, while remaining easy to style. Wolberg’s final advice? “Don’t be afraid of a fringe—I promise there’s a bang for everyone.”

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Soft Shoulder-Length Layers

French influencer Emanuelle Kofi has mastered the effortless vibe of a shoulder-length cut. The face-framing front pieces and stunning soft shape make this cut the perfect inspiration photo for your next hair appointment. As Wolberg says, “The key to a French cut is soft texture that promotes soft movement.”

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French Shag

French style may be classic, but the fashion capital of the world isn’t immune to trends. Bourquin says the globally popular shag is one of the top three most popular haircuts in France right now and stylist Skip Fellers knows exactly how to make this cut feel even more Parisian. For Fellers, it’s all about leaning into a marriage of the ‘70s aesthetic, which she describes as “romantic, whimsical, and effortless,” and the French aesthetic, “cutting-edge, polished, and classic.” To create this blend for a textured shag, Fellers took a lot of weight out of the hair with layers, including the bangs so her client’s hair falls just so with minimal effort. What could be more French than that?

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Carved Banged Bob

Looking for a haircut just begging to go under a beret? Look no further than this meticulously carved chin-length bob done by stylist Vanessa Jenners. The split bangs and perfectly set ends of this cut are peak French girl—simple yet stunning. Jenners can’t get enough of these versatile French bobs. “There’s something so appealing about French beauty being both effortless and a little messy while also being totally put-together and pretentious at the same time,” she says. Her last bit of advice for French hair? “Absolutely no beach waves.” 

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Face-Framing Bob

French YouTuber Lena Mahfouf has the best voluminous bob in Paris. The small bangs and round shape make for a standout, chic cut that follows Bourquin’s advice to embrace your natural face shape and hair texture. 

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Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut

Aren’t ready to go full bob? Shoulder-length might be your perfect compromise, like French influencer Marielle Haon’s simple blunt cut. As Haon’s Instagram feed shows, this look is the perfect canvas for accessorizing, from berets to bows to fun hair ties. 

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Choppy Pixie

Kattia Solano, stylist and owner of NYC’s Butterfly Salon Studio, never thought she’d have a short French pixie, but when she decided to shave her head during ovarian cancer treatment, she had to get creative. “I used to believe my femininity was tied to my long hair that I was known for, and now that I have a little French pixie, I've never felt more naturally feminine,” she says. Solano’s cut—done by Anderson La—captures the confidence and ease of French style. “French cuts are soft, not hard or edgy, with subtle movement,” says Solano. Her practical advice for your own pixie? “Avoid anything that will require hardening styling products like gels.

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Casual Mid-Length Cut

Wolberg describes the ideal French cut as “perfectly tousled without even trying, and always gorgeous in a very organic, natural way.” French influencer Eleonore Jeanne is the embodiment of this attitude, with her chic, free-flowing mid-length curls. If you want this cut to really stun, take Bourquin’s advice: “Avoid using heat tools for hair with beautiful shine."

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Parted Bangs

Although it’s true that French haircuts tend toward the shorter end of things, long, simple looks have their place too, even being listed by Bourquin as one of the most popular styles of today. French influencer Lena Simonne wears the most classic cut, with simple, parted bangs and sleek, long tresses. 

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