9 Cute Fourth of July Nail Designs to Try

Red, white, and fabulous!


Whether you’ve got grand plans to grill hot dogs and hamburgers, are hitting the city for a fireworks bonanza, or you’re keeping your Independence Day more low key, a thematic mani is always the perfect accessory. 

“Fourth of July nail art is a great way to showcase your patriotism and get creative with your nails at the same time,” notes Juli Russell, a nail expert for Sally Beauty. She says you can use the iconic trio of red, white, and blue in all sorts of ways, or you can opt for an unexpected spin. Not sure where to start? Let these cute Fourth of July nail ideas inspire your own patriotic polish. 

Fourth of July Nail Designs

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Milky Minimalist Stars

Both minimalist nail art and “milk nails” are trending this summer, and this cute manicure combines both. “Just pick a sheer, milky base color and then layer a star glitter polish over top,” Russell says. Seal with a clear topcoat and you’re good to go.

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Kitschy Americana

For a fun variation on Fourth of July nails, opt for this kitschy Americana-themed manicure. It combines a series of thick white French tips, a blue lightning strike with tiny stars, dalmatian print, and a red bandana.

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Retro Patriotic Swirls

If you’re aiming for classic American chic, this is the Fourth of July nail idea for you. Start with a creamy beige base, then draw red, white, and blue swirls across the nail using nail art brush. “After the nail is cured, draw tiny stars with white, then rub silver chrome powders over the stars to create metallic accents,” instructs Hemi Park, manicurist and brand educator for LeChat Nails. “You can also try silver metallic lacquers for the stars!” 

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Simple Fireworks Mani

Is it even the Fourth of July without bombastic, glittery displays of fireworks? We argue no! One surefire way to get your fireworks fix is to paint some onto your nails. For this design, start with a white base and then draw varying stripes of red, blue, and silver from the base of your nail upward. Finish with tiny stars.

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Negative Space Red, White, & Blue

Prefer a subtle Fourth of July manicure that still feels true to the flag? Consider this simple negative space design. “Begin painting your nails with one light coat of a sheer nude polish that suits you and your skin tone to achieve your perfect base color,” says Rianna Basurto, nail expert for Bellacures. Once dry, use a nail art brush to create curved shapes of color on the tip and base of each nail.

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Artsy & Bold

Anyone who’s low on time but wants major wow should opt for this bright red manicure. Paint all of your nails a cherry red hue except for two accent fingers. For the accent nails, paint a clear base and then use a thick nail art brush to paint stripes of red, white, blue, and gold onto the tips. Make sure to use a super glossy top coat for a high-shine finish.

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Pastel Tie Dye & Stars

If the classic red, white, and blue color palette doesn’t appeal to your senses, perhaps a softer variation is more your speed. Paint two nails a creamy red and four nails a mint blue. On two of the blue nails, draw on stars in a darker blue color and line the interior with white. (A nail stencil will come in handy here!). Paint the remaining two nails a sheer white, then use a brush to stipple on swirling red and blue for a tie dye effect.

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Waving American Flag Nails

These adorable American Flag nails are the perfect choice for anyone aiming to make a patriotic statement. Start by applying a white base, then apply nail tape diagonally across each nail and paint the bottom section light blue, says Alena Monson, nail artist and founder of Whats Up Beauty and Nails. Next, apply curved stripes of red on the white section and place white stars on the blue section.

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Glittery Red & White

Oh say, can you see all that glitter? This patriotic manicure doesn’t shy away from the glitz, which means it’ll catch the light in the prettiest way and light up beautifully under all those shimmering fireworks. Start with a couple coats of glittery red nail polish, then use a nail stamp to apply white stars across each nail.

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