What Is Royal Icing? Everything You Need to Know

Learn the ingredients of royal icing and find out how to use, store and decorate cookies with royal icing.

The Difference Between Frosting, Icing and Glaze

Are frostings, icings and glazes more important than a cake itself? As any kid—big or little!—who’s licked the bowl can attest: yes. The ultimate finishing touch, a thick swirl or drizzle adds that last bit of sweetness and contrasting texture, and can even cover up a crumbly cake glitch or two. Every type of cake has its perfect match. Is there a difference between them, you ask? And are there multiple types of each one? To get to the bottom of these confectionary questions, we whipped up the details below.

Easy, Delicious Pie Bars That Will Feed a Crowd

Skip the stress of rolling out pie dough and opt for one of these big-batch pies with simple press-in crusts.